Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Midnight for America, Reagan was wrong

Midnight is traditionally portrayed as the hour of doom and gloom when large scale disasters happen. Tonight 600,000 Americans will lose their last life line  as their Federal unemployment extensions run out. The number will be at least 2 million by Christmas and 3 million by the end of January and it doesn’t stop there. This doesn’t include the growing millions of 99ers who have reached the end of tier five benefits and even Democrats aren’t fighting for them.

It appears that Republicans might be willing to extend Federal unemployment benefits on the condition that the rich get their 700 billion tax giveaway. The negotiations are being led by Sen John Kyl R-AZ who is indicating a deal could be made but he is holding out for more concessions. The top 1% will get an average $83,347 a year for life and the unemployed will get an average 300/week for another year, that is unless they’ve used up their 99 weeks and then they can just die.

Food banks and homeless shelters have been gearing up for the onslaught of the newly desperate poor but are finding they are being overwhelmed by the people already running out of benefits without the millions that will come pouring in now that the Republi-scrooges have cancelled Christmas.

A new phenomenon is growing with an unknown number of neo-migrant workers traveling America. Some say there are already hundreds of thousands of formally middle class Americans that now live in the RVs, often with kids in 400 square feet or less. They travel from city to city across the United States doing seasonal work for companies like Amazon.com and others who pay wages that when adjusted to today’s dollars are little better than the 25 cent minimum wage established in 1938. The are provided free camping spaces for their RVs at the better jobsites. I guess it beats traveling by box car from jobsite to jobsite and living behind barbwire, but the century is young.

Despite all the hype over Black Friday, retail sales were only up 0.5% over the previous week. Same store sales were reported to be up 3.5% over the previous year largely on the deep discounting of big ticket items. This likely does not translate into higher profits, the “Black” in Black Friday is supposed to be black ink. Although it’s always been little more than Madison Ave hype, it does send signals about who will have a good year and who will be the next store to be boarded up. With Obama siding with the idiots pushing for austerity, the signal maybe that the business that provides window board up service maybe the only winner.

The DNC has made the bizarre move of asking people on its email list to write letters in support of the freeze in Federal worker wages (with inflation this is really a cut in pay) saying that “Cutting costs and spending responsibly has been a cornerstone of this administration’s record” Paul Krugman has pointed out that amounts to “Obama (saying he) has always been at war with East Asia”. Hope and change are out the window, cutting wages for the middle class is the new normal, scratch that, cutting wages for the middle class has always been the normal.

WikiLeaks expects that the documents that it plans to release in the new year will take down one or more major US banks as they reveal corruption and systemic wrong doing on a scale similar to Enron, this is according to Julian Assange in an interview with Forbes. He has previously said he has internal documents from Bank of America. This latest revelation explains the new calls from Republicans for his assassination, they weren‘t nearly as concerned about any alleged national security breach but don‘t mess with their benefactors.   www.prairie2.com


Anonymous said...

Of course, without actual insiders willing to leak information, Assange would have no documents to post.

Are we to suppose that the Rethugs will call for the assassination of BofA whistleblowers or, possible Bush administration denizens of the State Department?

Did the DNC REALLY send that email? This is the first time I've ever desired to be on their address list. It would have been fun answering that message!

John Puma

Anonymous said...

Reagan was accurate. I WAS morning in America, the morning of the planned brutal assault on the middle class and everything material and ethereal that had us still believing our commonly held myths.

That the ensuing nation-shattering, political "day" would take thirty years to complete simply is another measure of the monumental destruction that had to occur and that appears close to being finished.

John Puma

The Pill said...

I've read your columns (posts) with intrigue, foreboding and well founded gloom for some time now, only to conclude that your insight is so right now.

The empire is failing all around us and it is now clear that it cannot, must not be saved from itself.

It is only after the collapse of this dying empire will we finally see real "democracy" emerge from its ruins. It won't be pretty but it certainly will be historic.

Unknown said...

Wanna go out there burn buildings?
Wanna see the whites burning stuff? We are ready if they take the tax incentives away from our houses. This finally did it for me.
Do these bastards think if they take away the incentive our houses bought us? Be well aware we are at the boiling point. We are the middle class and beleive me we are so sick of you. Wanna a revolution?

Unknown said...

We are dying out here This miserable hospital is dying out here in the barrio of LA. Want me to tell you about this? Oure people are just dying out here. We try to provide care for all of them but now as the money evaporates we cannot provide healthcare for all of them. Now these people are dying. Its ok because they are poor. They dont vote. Who are you America?