Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Hammer Blow for Freedom

While the Federal Reserve is predicting the economy to continue in the doldrums for the next two years or longer, there was a bit of good news late today. Tom Delay (know as The Hammer) is facing 5 to 99 years for money laundering and another 2 to 20 years for conspiracy. Will the hammer come down on The Hammer? Does the State of Texas take treason as seriously as stealing a loaf of bread from the Stop & Rob?

The Fed is painting a pretty gloomy picture for the economy despite its plan to hand out a trillion dollars to the rich. Don't fall for the talking point that the Fed shouldn't be doing this because it benefits the rich, they really don't have any choice. The economy is on the edge of collapse and that is something to be avoided as long as possible. If you think anarchy would bring a new dawn with daisies and puppies for everybody you are mistaken. Take this little test: when you read a disaster novel do you picture yourself as the hero that leads the handful of survivors to safety or do you see yourself being tossed into the mass grave? Self confidence is great but the numbers aren't in your favor.

Make no mistake, trickle down economics doesn't work, in fact anybody who can do simple math can figure out that the opposite is true. However this isn't a quite the same thing. The money the Fed is passing out will not stimulate the economy the way doing real stimulus would but it will keep deflation at bay for a time and that is a good thing. A trillion dollars is 1/14 of the GDP so it has to have some positive effect especially if they can convince the investor class that inflation will result so that they decide to stop sitting on their money. Clearly it will affect the commodities market, so expect higher food and fuel prices. It's not the solution, it just buys time.

The problem is getting a enough people elected that are actual progressives. Not an easy task, but not impossible either. We went through the same exact thing a century ago. Unfortunately the rich pay people at think tanks to study history and refine the strategies for eliminating the middle class and democracy for once and for all. We have only a little time to educate and organize and we must not waste it.


SanMigMike said...

I'll bet that the Hammer will not get hammered. Like a lot of justice for the rich or for certain corporations the Hammer might (but I doubt it) get serious sentence but if he does it I am sure he will be back on the street selling his country down the river (or the creek) and of course being that vital link between business and their workers in the government...the ones that we pay pennies for and they pay dollars so it is easy to see just who they pay attention to.

SanMigMike said...

I wish I could be optimistic but I don't see any reason to be hopeful about the future of America or Americans. The future of America is a handful of people trading money, playing with money(and real things such as commodities but not in any real way as them actually dealing with them like they are barrels of oil or pork bellies or corn...just something to play games with money with) the rest of us don't mean a thing to them or to either party.

We have the Tea Baggers that are against government (except the good programs that give them things and the military (but not to really do anything for the actually military people...their idea of supporting the military is supporting Boeing and Lockheed-Martin). Big business is bad but not as bad as government...better to have a company paying crappy wages and given poor service but have a CEO making millions than government workers making okay pay and nobody making millions and getting fair service and their organization is paid for by millionaires that have been ripping off and raping the public and the government for years...but they are for the "people" that is why the Koch brothers have poisoned and ripped off so many people for years.

Then we have business that to do anything but hand over all your money and let them be free to rape and pillage with no restraints you are "anti-business". They also delight in waving the flag as they move their money and our jobs to the cheapest place while keeping their prices high...record profits while as usual pay for the rest of us is slipping behind further and further.

But in the end the mass of people vote according to the last sound bite they hear on TV...owned by the very people that are ripping us off.

When in a few years a handful of those sleeping morons wakes up and asks...who did this to us? They can look in the mirror and see themselves and the Koch Brothers, Faux News, Rupert Murdock, and most of the business world and the political world...and most of them will be safe. For a while but then in a few generations a few of them might wonder what the heck happened. But that will only happen when they run out of money.

But even right now neither party is willing to say how horrible of a mess we are in (that would mean actually taking action and they don't want to do that) and the Republicans after proving they can't govern have been able to get back in power and their sole purpose for the next two years is to destroy any chance of recovery which if they are successful will destroy the Democratic Party and in the long run to destroy the Republican Party and of course and almost as a incidental fact to them...destroy America. But they will be back in power for a few years over a rapidly diminishing America...welcome to our future.

I have always admired Wall Street and the way they play games with money. Interesting to see how no matter what happens they come out winning. I've tried to tell friends that played the market in the good old days that you had to use a real stock brokerage that they made money by you buying and making money didn't make them any money. When my wife worked for a stock brokerage it was depressing to see how the guys the churned accounts and raped little old ladies were admired by management and by most of the other brokers. Taking real money, making it into play money and taking their money out in real money and leaving you to pay the price.

Sorry this got soo long.

Anonymous said...

Just to stand by and let this happen is not right. We have to do something. In 2003 I stated to my friends (and anyone who would listen) that I did not know my country. Today I have had time and reason to come to a conclusion. Yes people go off on sound bites and remember the last thing they heard, (I was in advertising for years) but we can use that to our advantage. I know we are smarter and can figure this mess out. I live in California, we just elected all democrats under Jerry Brown, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN..we matched the vote of 100 years ago. We are angry and anger goes in two directions, depression or movement. I choose Movement, get progressive, educate your fellow man even if he/she doesn't want to know the truth. We can do it. I asked those who disagree with me, "If I can show or send you information that contradicts what you think would you be willing to see/hear it?" The answer has been yes every time. Become your own politician...

Anonymous said...

Straying slightly from the topic(s), it finally occurred to me why Cameron and Obama have been wooing India and China so much recently. Obviously, there is a trade war underway, and we're losing. Were they there to ask them to play nice, to stop accepting our outsourcing of labour and manufacturing? To stop manipulating their currencies and make things easier on us?

These are, we're always told, "emerging markets" in which we want be involved. Why are they emerging? Because they've got our manufacturing base. Millions of jobs have been outsourced, and so even more millions of families in India now have a disposable income, courtesy of the British/American consumer in particular, that they never had before. They're going to spend it on products that we can sell them, particularly if sophisticated messaging persuades them they're just a step away from nirvana should they do so. Naturally, these consumer products will also be manufactured in China in the main, but the investor class still can turn a considerable buck by facilitating that transaction.

Once the western countries, led by Ireland in particular, and the likes of the UK/US in general are bankrupted, China will be able to say, "Goodbye! Thanks for all the money, but we don't need you anymore." They'll have already bought us up in large part by then anyway. Their own emerging markets, together with that of the other BRIC counties (Brazil, Russia, India) will provide a growing customer base for the foreseeable future. Our fearless leaders are aware of this, and are smoothing it over so the investor class gets a good piece of the action. They must have concluded it's too late to save our industrial base and even most of the great Services Industry, and they are not interested anyway - it suits the investor class better to stay with the massive gains of cheap labour with India and China until the last, even as it hollows out our own economy.

This seems to be suiting the ideologues of the hard right, who always believed an aspiring upper-working/middle class was a disaster to social order. There should be the working poor, and the very rich, with maybe a sprinkling of the ultra-skilled working class allowed a comfortable living. Even at such an enormous cost to our nations, regaining that social order appears to make the destruction of the middle class, and the death of our manufacturing base, a price worth paying.

Anonymous said...

"If you think anarchy would bring a new dawn with daisies and puppies for everybody you are mistaken."

Lmao. Too true. That little bit of reality is what always seem to slip past libertarians who think that with no rules or regulation or taxes that the people and of course the free market will bring a new utopian age of prosperity and rugged individualism. Its funny how they can't make the connection that a big corporation will have more power than any rugged individual and can effectively silence any opposition that may be voiced. So without regulations, with low/no taxes and with full access to our political system the corporations ARE the state. Hope they are kinder and gentler than they have been but as can be evidenced by many 3rd world countries I kind of doubt it.

Tony said...

I'm waiting to see how Obama figures out how to pardon the "hammer."

prairie2 said...

Delay was convicted on State charges so it would be up to the Republican Governor of Texas. But the Republican Judge is expected to give him only probation anyway. Treason comes cheap in Texas.