Saturday, October 23, 2010

Whew! that was close!

"GYEONGJU, South Korea (AP) -- Global finance leaders, under pressure to display unselfish policies, agreed Saturday to boost cooperation on rebalancing the world economy to help defuse tensions that had sparked fears of trade conflicts."

Wouldn't it be nice if they actually meant it or maybe they are scared enough to do something? No, probably not, they all live in gated compounds, already travel with armed security in armored limos and fly on private jets. The riots will need to get pretty bad before they will start to worry.


Athanasor said...

I came right to this site after I finished reading the WaPo story with the headline; "G-20 Powers agree to Geithner currency and trade plan".

My reaction was that it was at once the funniest and scariest headline I have read in a long while.

BOHICA, Bruce.

ickenittle said...

This isn't a comment.Just a note to ask "Where the hell you been?" Now that I'm hooked on your dry wit I find myself- in Prairie2 withdrawl. Yes- I have a life! But your posts make it so much more interesting. Wish you well-if you aren't.

prairie2 said...

Sorry about cutting off your fix. I've been on a business trip and while I planned to post, I just couldn't find the time. I don't move as fast as I used to but I'm fine, thanks.