Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some thoughts

Gold has set yet another a new record. The gap between wealth of the top 1/10 and everybody else has set a new record.

The spread between inventory and sales continues to widen which isn't good news for the stock market going into October when bad things traditionally happen. Its not good news for the real economy either.

China continues to exceed its growth goals and is asserting its dominance as the only super power. NASA is laying off people big time as the space program winds down with barely a whimper. A third world nation really can't justify having a space program, China continues to develop one.

We had a failed coup in Ecuador that is generally assumed to be the work of the CIA or DOD operatives to try to squelch anti-NAFTA movements in South America. Is the Obama Administration as incompetent as the Bushies? Or was this the work of a rouge element in the government that failed because they didn't have the full resources of the government behind them? We will probably never know although the White House or the State Dept. didn't denounce the coup plotters like everybody else in the Americas (whether they meant it or not) so that doesn't look good.