Sunday, October 3, 2010

Scape goats unite!

Did you wonder why all of a sudden the media is accusing Obama and Biden of trying to scape goat progressives for the Nov 2 blood bath? They were aware of the new polling data that was just coming out showing that the Republicans won't win big in November. This reflects a steady shift in the polls since August as voters start to take seriously the election. In Iowa the absentee ballot requests are running 3 to 1 in favor of Democrats and Chuck Grassley is running TV ads that paint him as more liberal than most Democrats would dare to run.

The truth is that Democrats are the majority in the US by a wide margin but all politics are local and Republicans have always been able to exploit that. One of the worst right-wing Republican Senators has been able get re-elected over and over in the same state that re-elects Tom Harkin over and over again. This and of course the touch screen voting machines give them a huge edge in Republican districts.

Tom Harkin is by the way making progress in creating a new model for the filibuster rules that would strictly limit the Republicans ability to stop everything. The Republicans in the Senate are holding up over 500 of Obama's appointments and this translates into tens of thousands of lesser officials and staffers these people should be hiring to run the government. Instead we have Bush/Cheney political appointees that were converted to civil service in the last months of their crime spree to continue the looting and pillaging.

The huge budget overrun is not just from unnecessary wars, corporate tax dodging and destruction of the middle class. The diversion of god knows how much of the Federal money to crony contractors and worthless projects consumes a large chunk of the budget. It was revealed just before 9-11 that the Pentagon could not account for the whereabouts of 2 trillion dollars. That story got buried in the glare color coded terror alerts.

Pete Rouse the new WH chief of staff survived the second big terror attack on Bush's watch when Tom Dashle's office was targeted with weapons grade anthrax. That never solved attack forced through the legislation authorizing the ├╝ber  bureaucracy of Homeland Security and effectively ended the US Constitution. Did you know that you have no Constitutional Rights if you enter the "protection zone" within 200 miles of the border or within 200 miles any navigational waterway? That's pretty much everywhere that anybody lives. Welcome to Amerika, have your papers ready.