Friday, September 10, 2010

A new Hamilton?

“In today’s world the blather about free trade, free-markets and the joys of competition is nothing but pabulum for the suckers.” given the record so-far, you would not think this quote came from anybody in the Obama Administration. These are in fact the words of Ron Bloom who has been elevated to special advisor to the President on manufacturing policy. With a background as a labor union negotiator his appointment has the rightwing spitting nails.

Still Obama doesn’t have much to show so far, you can‘t deny he did keep Detroit from going the way of most American industry and that was where we first encountered Mr Bloom who became known as the non-czar car czar. (or is he the president of a “stan” country?)

Obama has confronted China over product dumping, something Clinton or Bush never did. This stance has slowed expansion of US manufacturing in China with some production returning to the America but on the whole the trade deficit continues to grow.  Efforts to get China to revalue the Yuan have only resulted in a one percent adjustment when a 40% change is required, still China even saying they will cooperate is a start.

Will Ron Bloom go down in history with the likes of Alexander Hamilton? His policies on manufacturing subsidies and tariffs on imports became the law of the land for nearly 200 years and made America a super power. Will Obama who admires Lincoln re-instate Hamilton’s tariffs that Lincoln took the country to war to preserve.

The attack on Fort Sumpter was simply to seize the Customs House as the south did in all the port cities. The south wanted cheap British manufactured goods in return for its cotton. Today we sell cotton to China and get cheap manufactured goods in return. In the south of 1860 there were a few rich people and the rest were poor whites and black slaves, no middle class.

The southern whites were fed the lie that it was rich Yankees that made them poor and they would all be rich if the Federal tariffs were lifted. In reality all that would have accomplished is the destruction of  America’s manufacturing base and made the entire country poor just as these policies have done for us in this era. Ronald Reagan has succeeded where Jefferson Davis failed to destroy the Union and its middle class.


Anonymous said...

In terms of history I am thinking of Obama as more of a Hoover who will be out in one term. However it is unlikely we will have an FDR replace him.

Athanasor said...

Now that you have dug down to the bare bones of American history, how do we who understand this possibly teach those who do not even understand what the "Boston Tea Party" was really about?

prairie2 said...

The thing about democracy is that you don't need to convince everybody. Fox has only 2 million viewers, we already out number them.