Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We know how to "turn free enterprise loose"

If you thought the recession has been worse than we were told, you were right. The Commerce Department has revised the GDP figures all the way back to 2007 and all the numbers set new records, the bad kind. There is no question that we haven’t seen numbers like this since the last Republican Great Depression.

The worst drop in consumer spending took place last year, falling twice as much as previously thought. This was the worst drop seen since 1942, which was the first full year of WWII when the production of all consumer goods was halted completely. FDR didn’t tell everybody to go shopping after his 9/11. Another fact is that the entire four years of the biggest war ever with 12 million Americans in uniform cost roughly a trillion in today’s dollars. Bush’s war has cost more than that, so far.

The Greatest Generation had a different sort of government in Washington, back then making a profit from the War was a crime and people went to prison. There were also no contractors in the war zone funneling money into Swiss bank accounts.

Conservatives trying to kill the stimulus will tell you that the Depression didn’t end until WWII because the New Deal was killing the economy and the War turned free enterprise loose. Of course they say this as if it were a fact and count on nobody remembering what the war was like. There was absolutely no free enterprise during the war with everything either contracted to the government or severely rationed. And war profits were forbidden by law, talk about socialism, there is a reason the Republicans called it Roosevelt’s war. They had wanted to be on the other side where they had invested their money and they weren‘t making any money here.

In short World War II was run like the New Deal on steroids and FDR was able to do things he couldn’t before to stabilize the economy. He set commodity prices across the board, farmers and small business never had it so good, anybody could get a job and every business could get a government contract. FDR engaged in Soviet style central planning and clamped down with unprecedented government regulation on everything.

We could get out of our current Depression with similar War Time measures if we wanted to since that‘s what conservatives want . FDR was also re-elected for a fourth term during the War. He did however live with an unheard of level of security, traveling in armored train cars and he fortified the White House.  FDR maintained strict secrecy surrounding his movements but it probably wasn’t foreign assassins he was really worried about.  www.prairie2.com


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prairie2 said...

My very first crazy freeper comment and he invented a new word like Palin. I guess he wanted to refudiate my column.

macnow said...

Me thinks he went to write some stinging rebuttal... but got stopped at "here are the real facts,".

I have seen both conservatives, neocons and neoliberals get caught up in the same arguments, and when you corner them with logic and overwhelming account of historical facts and statistics, they (Cons, NeoCs, NeoLs) always end the conversation with expletives.

Par for the course Prairie2.

bushtheidiot said...

Great Post. We all remember that there was an actual plot by the big business scum suckers to overthrow the great FDR.


SanMigMike said...

There is history and there is "history" and certain groups, a lot of conservatives but not just conservatives have "history". A person using "history" is the type of person that can watch a ball drop out of their hand and hit the floor fifty times and then explain that it is supposed to rise to the ceiling and something else is causing it not to work as it is supposed to do OR it really did rise and you just didn't see it the right way. They don't need no stinking facts!

Of course the same people can look back at that war and see no war crimes, no war profiteering, no draft dodging, no cowards. The same type also still don't understand why "unleashing Chang Kai Shek" would not have worked but again, facts just clutter the issues up.

But I will say that WW II does provide one of my ways of figuring out a a "good" war. If you have the sons and daughters of rich people in combat, if it is Un-American not to be doing something active for the war effort, if healthy males have to explain why they are not in uniform and being at the tip of the spear is a worthy goal then you might have a "good" war. I think four of FDR's kids served in the military, three in combat, at least one was wounded. I'd say it is safe to say there has not been a "good" war since then.

We remember that there was a plot to overthrow the government but most Americans are clueless on that. Also of course we recall that a member of the Bush family was involved in that plot, but most Americans don't.

I guess your first poster believes that tossing the chessboard over when you are losing somehow means that you were not losing?