Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Have A Scheme

Glenn Beck speaking in front of the Lincoln Memorial, it's surprising he didn't burst into flame as if he had been doused with holy water. Conservatives are never on the side of rights, freedom or any kind of justice. If you consider yourself conservative and you actually want those things for everybody and not just you, then you are being played for a sucker. (here is the cover of his latest book, a Freudian slip perhaps or he just doesn't think he needs to hide it anymore)

For more real history of MLK and not Beck's made up history here is a piece by Eugene Robinson


ickenittle said...

In my dream of dreams,a day will come when all of the dumb followers of Nutman Beck,and Windup Sarah,Bonkers Bachman,and Noneck Newt,come to understand that their Saints never gave a crap about them.You think you have seen crazy so far? Wait till THESE CRAZIES unlease it on their own.