Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

One quarter of American adults don't know or aren't sure what country we became independent from. Nearly 100% of Americans don't know that the Boston Tea Party wasn't about taxes. It was about being overwhelmed by a trans-national corporation. Yankee sailors had brought back stories of the British East India Company's treatment of British subjects in the colonies where the corporation was in control. The total destruction of the local economies that ultimately led to slavery and starvation to maintain corporate profits, the 1773 equivalent of Wal-Mart.

The Tea Act eliminated corporate taxes and even rebated to the BEIC all the taxes they had ever paid giving them the ability to crush every private business in the colonies. After being turned away in New York and Philadelphia the ships of the BEIC docked in Boston and you know the rest.

British law (members of Parliament were stockholders of or were controlled by the BEIC) prohibited the manufacture of practically everything in the colonies and this is where we find ourselves today. One of the Bill of Rights submitted by Thomas Jefferson was to restrict corporations and prohibit monopolies. It didn't pass but for most of the next century but the states did restrict corporate power.

Today we are being told by the corporate media that austerity is the answer to all our problems. It was austerity that the colonists were fighting when they threw the tea in the harbor. The Yankee sailors had seen austerity in action and wanted none of it in their colonies.