Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Two point seven percent

An ongoing study of unemployed people conducted by Rutgers University has found that only 21 percent of those who were recently out of work as of last August had found work by this March. Two-thirds remained “unemployed” by the government’s count and the rest of the jobless had either gone back to school or retired early. Of those who are working, only 13% have full-time jobs and most have taken substantial cuts in pay and benefits to get those.

That’s 13% of 21% of the people surveyed had a full-time job. The math on this comes out to 2.73%. In other words out of every thousand who were jobless last August only 27 people have found full time jobs and that doesn’t mean a good job either, can you say “Fries with that?” For older workers the numbers were almost twice as bad, “Welcome to Wal-Mart”.

The number of people who have been looking for work for more than six months has jumped from 48% to 70% since August with 414,000 added just in March. Contrary to the rightwing talking point that says people are staying unemployed for the free money, only 40% of the jobless in August were eligible for benefits. To continue living, 70 percent were spending retirement funds, 56 percent borrowed money from family or friends and 45 percent ran up credit cards to get by. Forty-two percent skimped on medical care, 20 percent moved in with family or friends and 18 percent had visited a soup kitchen. Ninety percent rate their financial situation as fair at best and more than half now describe themselves as being poor.

Over half of the unemployed have lost their jobs for the first time even though 72% believed that their jobs had been permanent. The axe dropped suddenly with eighty percent receiving notice of two weeks or less. Just 15% of the unemployed received any severance pay, and virtually none were offered retraining for another job.

Eighty percent do not believe there is any chance of returning to their jobs. Seventy five percent say they would take a cut in pay to return to work and a similar number would be willing to change careers. Only half have even been granted an interview. A quarter of workers were making more than 75,000 a year but the American dream is now gone. There are millions of people who have used up all reserves and their situation is only getting worse.


Anonymous said...

I just heard Malloy read this on the air. I've been dealing with this for over three years. I'm in my early 40's, unemployed for over three years, been to college for nine years, have three degrees, can work in three different careers, worked two excellent internships, have over a dozen years of actual on-the-job work experience. I can't get a job!

I've literally applied for hundreds of jobs, and I've only had three interviews. I am not being picky about what I apply for or what I'd accept. I've even tried applying for retail jobs, and over-night stocking jobs. Nobody will hire me because they say, "You'll leave as soon as you find a better job." In the meantime, I'm going broke.

I live as cheaply as I can. I have very few possessions, I live in a tiny studio, I only turned on the heat in my apartment if it got below 55°F, and then only to warm it up to 58°F. I have no television, and I only have cheap internet service as I use it to look for and apply for jobs all over the country as well as communication, etc. I will be dropping the cheap internet in a couple of months and go without.

I had to cash out my 401K and an IRA, and I had to travel out of state for some temporary contract work, but it wasn't worth traveling out of state for 1-2 weeks of work, besides that work has dried up.

I never qualified for unemployment, and I refuse to go on public assistance of any kind. Too stubborn, proud, and embarrassed. A person in their 40's with three college degrees shouldn't have to go on public assistance! I don't want public assistance - I want a JOB!!!! :-(

Health-care!?! I haven't had insurance for so long that I'm hoping I actually DO come down with cancer and just be done with it all. My savings are almost all gone, and I only have enough left for rent and utilities to make it through the summer barring any unforeseen events. After that? Like I said, I hope I already am walking around with cancer because my future is as bleak as the past three YEARS has been.

I'm not looking for sympathy or any answers. I'm just letting you all know what this one person's life is and has been like during these "difficult" times. After over three years of this constant disappointment and stress and dread, I not only don't see a light at the end of the tunnel, I don't even have the will to continue the battle any longer. I hope others fair better than I have.

prairie2 said...

take any and all help you can get, that is what it's for. Pay back with by helping others. Go volunteer at different places to network with people. Try to stay positive even if you don't believe it because it scares people away if you don't. (I know)

Blulady said...

This has happened to my own family too. And it happened to my best friend's husband. In my family the two men who lost their jobs couldn't find work for a year. So what they did was DROP THE EDUCATION FROM THEIR RESUME and pretend to be high school grads only. It worked. They both found work in retail.

The friend's husband stayed out of work for 3 years before a friend took pity and got their supervisor to hire him. He is working in his field and he is miserable in his new job... at an Army base.

Anonymous said...

Prairie, I've already done and do the volunteering, networking, etc., and have been doing so for three years. In my case there are just no jobs available.

As far as omitting ANYTHING from my resume, are you CRAZY!?! You can be FIRED for omitting any information. Just "pretending" you never went to college for NINE YEARS and expecting that you won't get caught LYING is ludicrous. A simple Google search would turn up that information and H.R. people do Google searches whether you want to believe that or not. No, I will NOT lie and risk being fired from a retail job. If said retail place hires me they will have to accept the fact that they've hired a college graduate to unpack supplies.

After three years of this drudgery, I'm just NOT able to stay positive because I can not GET positive. Sorry, but I'm only human and can only take so much. I guess I'm just not as resilient as you. Thanks for your kind thoughts, though.

Anonymous said...

I have two family members whom have been out of work for over a year. They are both college grads and have work experience. I, myself, am a college grad and work my main job in retail. I went to school for eight years and wanted to become a teacher. But after hearing a friend talk, and reading about what's happening, it seems that the education field isn't safe anymore. Not much out there for an English major. I realize people out there have it worse and for them I sympathize. Hard work and education should get you somewhere. Unfortunately, due to incompetence and greed by those on top, the rest of us in the middle and bottom suffer.