Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saint Ronald the economy slayer

The looneys on the right are still pushing for sainthood for Ronald Reagan, in the mean time they want to put his picture on the fifty dollar bill. In a poll released yesterday 79% of Americans oppose the idea and only 12% are in favor, about the same as Dick Cheney's approval rating. I think they should print a special bill with his picture issued in commemoration of Reaganomics. When you put it in your wallet it dissolves the rest of your money and leaves you in debt with no job.

Emails have emerged in evidence of Goldman Sachs rolling in profits during the housing collapse when they had claimed under oath that they had lost money. Their profits came from derivatives or bets against (short selling) the very mortgage backed securities they had been selling to their customers. Their response is that they are being victimized by the Senate Committee that released the messages because they are "cherry picking" only four out of thousands of emails. "if you only cherry pick just those four pictures of me in the bank brandishing a gun while holding the bag with the $ sign, of course I look like a criminal"


Ronmac said...

I think I've got this problem solved. They should have a virtual currency for Wall Street to play with. That way they can have all the money they have and leave the rest of us alone. They can put Ronald Reagan on as many bills as they want.

BTW it's well known that Reagan was suffering from alzheimer's during much of his second term. How cool is that.
Reagan defined much of the role of the modern presidency, namely as orator in chief.