Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sing along! "spam spam spam spam...."

Senator Bunning who made his career as a major league ball player by throwing the “brush back” pitch continues to throw at the heads of the long term unemployed. While the number affected is not as bad as first feared, this is only because most of the states stepped up and covered the checks with the anticipation that Congress will come through with funds by the end of the week.

Senator Olympia Snow took to the floor today and called for an override of the hold but rest of the millionaire Republicans refused to join in and the matter drags out while tens of thousands suffer. If the money is not appropriated by the weekend then the number affected will begin to skyrocket. At least one million will stop getting funds next week and potentially five million could lose benefits by the end of April if the number weeks of eligibility is not increased again soon.

Republican Rep. Dean Heller of Nevada said in public what all conservatives believe but most don’t voice in that they believe no unemployment should be paid, period. He is positing that we are creating a new class of “hobos” who don’t want a job. Indeed we have created a new class of chronically unemployed but the seven million welders, machinists, lathe operators, engineers, draftsman and other middle class workers who used to build things in America want to work. Unemployment is only a fraction of what they used to make so this two year “vacation” is getting old and it’s not like there are any “fries with that?” jobs to be had. Nevada where the growth is service jobs was centered has a 13% unemployment rate and whole subdivisions reverting to desert, so Rep. Heller probably would rather only employed voters heard his remarks.

Reports are that the worst affected areas in Chile immediately experienced wide spread “looting” (that’s what the corporate media calls scrounging for food). Being a long time neo-con paradise the people of Chile are on average quite poor and don’t expect any relief from their government.

Even in Hawaii the population bided their time while the tsunami wave crossed the Pacific by lining up for gasoline and creating a run on the super markets. The stores controlled purchases of some things, most notably they restricted how many cans of Spam people could buy. Long a traditional favorite because it will keep between ship arrivals to the islands, it is served everywhere, even at fast food restaurants and on sushi. How is your stock of canned goods? www.prairie2.com