Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Knight takes oil well, checkmate in seven months

President Obama has set up the winning gamut for the fall elections by taking the oil away from the “Drill baby, drill” express. Instead of running over the Democrats in the fall, the bearings will seize on the GOP Hummer and it will sit smoking on the dead end road of history.

Before liberals feel all betrayed to big oil, you need to consider that the oil companies have only drilled on a fraction of the leases that they got under Clinton. Most of these places aren’t likely to exploited for decades if ever. With a Democratic majority there is at least the possibility of a rational energy and trade policy. To highlight that point; British Petroleum was one of the biggest producers of solar electric panels remaining in the US. I say was, since they just announced they packing up and moving to China.

Obama continues to rack up an increasingly impressive record with break through negotiations with the Russians to control nukes without giving up that conservative pacifier of ABM’s. He can point to a much increased campaign against Al Qaeda, something that Bush ignored despite all the color coded warnings. Basically he is a “good” Republican. (Well, sigh) At least he is a “compassionate” conservative.

The Republicans have been screaming for a year that the world would end if Obama-care were passed. Now that it is law and what is happening is the swing voters are finding the reality to be completely different. Now their children can’t be dropped from insurance for any reason and that makes a campaign slogan that is hard to talk against. (we want your kids to suffer and die, vote Republican)

The millennium generation that was instrumental in getting Obama elected are getting a break on their student loans with the payments reduced and a twenty year cap on payments. This also gives a break to the Gen Xers who didn’t want their kids living in their basement.

The Republicans by contrast have been all over the news shouting “hell no!” to everything. Hell no to health insurance for the voters kids, hell no to extending their unemployment, hell no to fixing their mortgage. Republicans want more tax cuts for the rich and blaming Obama for the Wall Street bailout isn’t resonating with the public. Obama’s poll numbers are better than most President’s that have been re-elected even with a good portion of the country hating him for the color of his skin. Americans like an underdog if he stands up for what’s right and shows he can be a winner against the odds. That’s hope we can believe in.