Friday, March 5, 2010

“It’s Morning in America Again”

“It’s Morning in America Again” (Reagan 1984) but it’s coming with a Red Dawn

There were 33 rounds of applause as Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao waded through the 36 page "State of the Union" style report. He said that his government aims to create more than 9 million jobs this year and keep unemployment down to 4.6 percent. It’s not surprising his audience applauds with an eleven percent growth rate for the last quarter while the rest of the world langishs. They believe his predictions aren‘t just “switch grass“ predictions, in his country they shoot traitors.

Wen’s speech opened the annual parliamentary session and he said that, in spite of its impressive economic recovery, China continues to face a "complicated situation" as the government now pushes to rein in lending and boost domestic consumption. He also focused on China's need to become a fairer society and of the government's commitment to improve education and healthcare while narrowing the income gap. There will be economic restructuring he said, because they are too dependent on foreign exports, and that the gap between the rich and the poor has to be reduced by better redistributing the benefits of the economy.

China has been hinting at the possibility of revaluing their currency because of the wild swings of the US dollar but Wen made it clear that wasn’t happening any time soon. He also did not indicate there would be any roll-back of the fiscal stimulus that has been spurring their rebound.

Meanwhile some Hollywood executives who are nostalgic for the Reagan cold war years are remaking the movie Red Dawn, but since Reagan’s evil empire of the Soviets is gone they are turning to the remaining toltalitarian Communist state. Unlike the Russians who were so weak by the 1980’s that a bunch of high school kids could have defeated them, China is poised to eat our lunch.

MGM is spending $75 million, that’s 513 million Yuan to make this new epic in Detroit where the battle cry of “Wolverines” will ring out one last time before the city closes for good. Thanks to collaborators like Mitt Romney who sold it for pennies to China, it isn’t hard to find cities in Michigan that look like they’ve been bombed and have been living under a brutal occupation. The movie people will need to spruce up the houses for the opening scenes that take place before the attack. China doesn’t really need to invade if they want US territory, they can just have the Sheriff serve the papers.

MGM is also doing big budget remake of Robo Cop which had a dark vision of Detroit in grinding poverty under the heel of a huge corporation. Except for the cyborg cop it’s even closer to reality.


Ronmac said...

Here's a twist. Since the China has more money than it knows what to do with maybe in this movie they can rent out the Vietnamese army for this "invasion."