Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mt Fuji rises above the flat earth

Initial jobless claim jumped again this week and the corporate media acts as if there is some mystery on why this is happening. It’s not rocket science. Take Whirlpool; after taking a 19 million dollar grant from the Dept. of Energy under the Economic Recovery Act; they will be sending another 1100 union jobs to Mexico.

Besides eliminating these jobs, the jobs of all sorts of people in the area will also disappear. Parts manufactures, machine shops and companies that provide a variety of industrial services will have to cut back if not close. This then ripples through the community closing everything from the local accountant to barber shop to the lawyer; anybody the Wal-Mart hasn’t put out of business already. Even Wal-mart will lose business but they can just fire some people; all they need is a stock boy, a door greeter and checker. Give the old guy at the door some roller skates and he can do all three jobs.

Then of course the city and county lose out too. You can bet they gave tax incentives to get the plant and will get to keep the infrastructure costs but not the jobs. Normally a economic hit like this would create more government jobs like social services, police and prisons; but there is no money for that anymore so that will be cut too despite the increased need.

This goes on every day all across America and all we hear about is Tiger Woods losing his corporate sponsors (they have much too high of morals to put up with him). The corporate media did let us hear Mr. Toyoda apologize for building cars with defects. No US executive would ever apologize before Congress. No mention though of why he is closing a large plant in California. It didn’t even occur to any Congressmen to ask him about it.

Toyota will build more cars in Japan because you see Japan has a government that doesn’t accept that the earth is flat. Too bad we can’t get one of those here.


PitchingDoc said...

Corporate America once again takes the taxes of Middle America and runs.