Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Don't let Rush sneeze on you!

The Obama Adm. is dragging its feet on any revelation of the Stress Test results from the 19 large banks that control more than 2/3 of all banking assets. Rumor is that half of them failed the test and will need substantial new capital to continue operations. In reality these banks have been insolvent for years and were only propped up by the fiction of debt bubbles created one after another to pad their balance sheets. All of this courtesy of Alan Greenspan and the permanent Republican majority.

Fed Chairman Bernanke testified before Congress today that the housing crisis is leveling off but he said unemployment will continue to rise. No comfort for the people in the mushrooming tent cities who are unable to find work. Experts are predicting at least another one and a half million more homeless people this year. This maybe optimistic; the failure of Democrats to pass the Bankruptcy reform that would have fixed bad mortgages will result in another 8 million foreclosures. Banks are even demolishing houses if municipalities refuse to allow them to abandon them.

The NAFTA Swine Flu continues to sap the resources of local health departments even though it appears for now to not be very serious an infection. However a worker returning from Mexico infected a large swine herd in Canada.

The pigs are recovering nicely but it demonstrates a problem. Now that this virus is able to move freely between humans and the mega-sized corporate pig herds it can mutate and pickup stray genetic material as it goes back and forth.

Viruses have a relatively tiny genetic makeup and reproduce billions of times in a very short period. There is a real possibility that once set in motion the virus will eventually acquire the missing protein it needs to make it as lethal as the 1918 Flu Pandemic that killed between 50 and 100 million people worldwide.

Rush is telling all his former Republicans that this Flu pandemic is all hype to make people dependent on the Federal Government. How did this virus start moving between pigs and man? A missing link in the evolutionary chain perhaps? How about it, Pigman?