Thursday, November 5, 2009

Roll up your sleave Comrade but not today

Hospitals are having a hard time getting enough swine flu vaccine for their high risk patients such as pregnant women and sick kids. Corporations on the other hand, have had no problem getting plenty of vaccine for the in house clinics that serve only their executive office buildings. We are rapidly approaching a Soviet style economy where the party elite get the best of everything and the rest of us wait in line.

The chant from the tea-baggers is that the government can’t handle health care because the vaccine did not appear as promised. They ignore the fact that the vaccine is being done by the same corporations that the tea-baggers want to run their health care. These companies apparently either lied about their ability to manufacture vaccine or they are deliberately withholding the vaccine to embarrass Obama.

The band U2 put on a free concert at the Brandenburg Gate tonight commemorating the fall of the Berlin wall, but since MTV planned to use one of the songs live for the European Music Awards they put up a two meter wall of steel to block public access. This ensured that nothing inconvenient like teeming masses of free people got in the way of corporate profits.

Initial unemployment claims got down to 512,000 last week for the first time in ten months. It needs to get below 350,000 to expect any jobs to be created and over 200,000 were officially lost last month, the real number is much higher. Congress finally extended unemployment benefits after months of foot dragging by the Republicans.

Today the AARP came out to endorse the health insurance bill coming from the House but since they are basically an insurance company, the devil will likely be in the details. Thousands of Tea-baggers showed up on Capitol Hill to attempt to intimidate Congress into maintaining the status quo. They got a pretty good crowd for a weekday and there were almost as many Tea-baggers as there are lobbyists, literally. Guess which group Congress is really intimidated by. The tea-baggers are afraid Obama will make them slaves or drag them before death panels. If they only knew but they never will.