Thursday, November 12, 2009

Race to the bottom

Initial jobless claims have declined slightly but still no where near the level where new jobs could be created. States and municipalities continue to pressure workers into pay cuts and bigger workloads as they eliminate jobs. The same tactics are being used on white collar workers and the unions continue to accept pay cuts. The most insidious practice is the two tier system that is relentlessly replacing middle class jobs with the working poor as union workers retire or take buyouts.

No job below the level of the predatory class at the top is exempt from this push down of wages. Service workers like health care are under increasing pressure to accept lower pay as millions leave middle class jobs forever.

The Flat Earthers who make billions and pay right-wing mouth pieces millions to tell us that American workers make too much money. A few years ago they told us that we could give up manufacturing because it would raise our standard of living. Now they are telling us we need to compete with a part of the world that lives on five Dollars a day. Guess what, they tell those people they need to compete with people who live on a Dollar a day.

The really terrifying aspect of this kind of race to the bottom is that at some point you reach the bottom. Then things get really bad.


Ed Encho said...

Yeah, of course it's all crap but the inhabitants of the world's largest lemming colony are as usual clueless. They are more concerned with moronic militarist masturbation fed by the FOX NFL monkeys who on Sunday were all dressed up like big bad Army men on their phony set in Afghanistan.

Of course to the beer swilling slobs that comprise a large percentage of the masses of asses an incoming RPG couldn't get it through their Neanderthal skulls that they being played like the rubes they are by veteran top dollar shit salesmen like Howie Long.

Yeah the economy is only beginning the descent into the abyss, thanks to a brilliant PR campaign led by Vikram 'the Bandit' Pandit back in March or April the stock market is going "TO THE MOON ALICE" while the dumbasses are crawling along on their bellies trying to suck the crumbs from the gutters.

I am a fan of your work man, your stuff is brilliant because it cuts directly to the chase which is the bag over the head, kick in the balls that the idiots have received and keep on begging for mor to support the glories of capitalism....HAR HAR HAR.

If you think it's bad now, I can only assure you that when the bottom is finally reached that there will be shills like CNBC's Mad Money Cramer and his ilk out setting up a drilling rig.

Just my two cents, keep up the good work sir.