Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mass murder, some numbers

Joe Leiberman went on Fox Sunday and implied that he might have information through his office as Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee confirming that last week’s Fort Hood mass killer was an Islamic terrorist. This from the Senator representing the health insurance terrorists who mass murder a 1000 people a week by denying care and corporatized hospitals who according to the AMA murder another 2000 people a week. Largely from under staffing and poor management in order to maximize profits. This is only a partial list of corporate created deaths supported by Leiberman.

The Conservatives see this one suicidal mad man as justification to kick all the Muslims out of the military and that as the first step toward a general roundup. They ignore the fact that right-wing Christians have in total killed more people in the past year and if they had not been stopped quickly, each of their murder sprees would have been much larger.

And of course it is a Christian who holds the record for domestic terrorism deaths. The Oklahoma City bomber driven by so-called Christian values had no problem planting his truck bomb in front of a daycare nursery in order to kill Federal workers on the floors above. Remember that Timothy McVeigh was not clinically insane or suicidal and did not act alone.

You would expect Joe Leiberman would think twice about going on Fox and inciting the very people who would commit mass murder at a Synagogue just as quick as they would at Mosque or a liberal Christian church.


Octo said...

No surprise, Satan Netanyahu is coming and his loyal servant Joe Shit the Ragman has to do his best to resusciate the dying corpse of the phony war on terror.

Why does the Sunday morning bloviation circuit seem to feature the three headed monster of McCain Lieberman and Graham like reruns of Jaws and Ghostbusters on the cable networks.

Terrorism is the last refuge of a scoundrel and Lieberman has done his damndest to destroy any sort of healthcare reform out of the hope that it is going to derail the Obama shift in U.S. policy away from total outright sponsorship of Israeli war crimes and genocide and he is shifting to the Palinazi war on Muslims to do so.

This pig should be deported.

Just my two cents

BTW you do excellent work, maybe I'll post some of your stuff at my blog someday.

Ed Encho

Anonymous said...

Logic and the current crop of Neo-Cons and Cons and Right-wing Christian Nut Jobs have little to do with each other. As you point out it isn't a very big step from killing Muslims to killing Jews, after all neither group are Christians, the only good group...until the Christians start killing each other as they struggle over just who is a "good Christian". A handful of people being killed is news but thousands of people being killed isn't any big deal. Just in this case "Business as usual!".

A true believer finds it easy to kill others since God is telling them to kill for his sake. Was it Susan B. Anthony that said something about how interesting it was that God told so many people to do what the heck they were going to do anyway?