Thursday, November 19, 2009

How much is that Kidney in the window?

The equities markets were down worldwide today as were most commodities markets except for gold. The Dollar continues its slide and China isn’t happy because it’s cheap Dollars that has been driving the markets up. The markets are already overvalued and this will either cause the mother of all market crashes or spark hyper inflation and then a crash. China has been manipulating its currency for decades and resents the US doing the same thing and more.

Obama's last stop in Asia was in South Korea where he was very warmly received. He returned the warmth by promising to push for a free trade agreement between the US and Korea.

Obama’s Sec. of Treasury appeared before the Joint Economic Committee of Congress today and was not warmly received. Liberal Congressmen want his resignation and the Republicans smelling blood jumped on him too but he didn’t hesitate to point out it was Republicans that were in charge when everything fell apart and that they are wrong about everything.

All true, but Tim Geithner has a lot of explain’n to do just the same, he has been up to his eyeballs in current practice of shoveling money to the Wall Street Banks that are driving the market bubble. Money created out of thin air is flowing through the banks and into markets worldwide. The lone economic super power in the world told Obama how displeased they are about it when he visited them this week with hat in hand.
Congressman Barry Frank’s new legislation will force all foreign exchange currency trading to go through a central clearing house and that has the foreign exchange bankers all up in the air. They are warning that transparency and regulation will bring on the end of the world. The blood sucking leeches prefer to keep the lights turned off.

Obama is apparently trying to fix our problems with a "just print money" monetary policy. China has been eating our lunch with their monetary policy but they also have a trade policy, a policy on manufacturing, an economic growth policy, a health care policy and a bunch of other policies that we just leave to predatory corporations. The kind of criminals are in charge here that end up on the organ market in China.


Ed Encho said...

Didn't the stock market spike when Timmy 'the fixer' Geithner was announced as Obama's replacement for the Great Satan's (Goldman Sachs) inside man Hank Paulson? I seem to recall that Wall Street was jubilant over that particular appointment and after about a year it's easy to see why. This is especially so with those Goldman Sachs bonuses coming while Americans are going be having a very lean holiday indeed.

I like the reference to the organ market, the Chinese perfected the Death Vans where 'criminals' (aka dissidents) were rounded up and euthanized and then their organs were harvested for sale before the bodies got cold. I somehow can see that idea catching on here but it won't be Lloyd Blankfein and his merry band of usurious bastards who are in them.

I have been disappointed by Obama in so many ways just like other progressives but nothing has quite galled me as much as the great Wall Street bailout while the rest of us are not only losing jobs and homes but the same scum banks who used taxpayer money to pay of their bad bets made billions and billions speculating again are jacking up credit card rates and chopping credit lines as the jobs just continue to disappear.

Giant sucking sound? Too bad it's not from the well deserved enema nozzle that needs to be stuck into Wall Street and the rubber bulb given a good, hard squeeze.

Just my two cents


Prog Talker said...

Obama's last stop in Asia was in South Korea where he was very warmly received. He returned the warmth by promising to push for a free trade agreement between the US and Korea.

So to protect our economy, will this "free trade" include tariffs and taxes? And with free trade, will we be able to trade, say, kimchi for (can't think what's American made), because, that's the ONLY way free trade will work. So is Obama the corporatist fascist we liberals feared?

Ed Encho said...

Obama is the just slick new frontman for the same imperialism and grandscale theft disguised as 'free' trade for this massive Empire of greed, meanness and stupidity.

I refer to the man as Bush-Lite, the same iron fist in a velvet glove but for all of his reality tv show personality he is not going to be able to 'save' the U.S. economy, it has been gutted and we are all being prepped like the holiday dinners on the turkey farm just before they enter the steel chute.

I don't refer to Obama as an all out fascist though (that is reserved for the Palinazis) but he is technically one if for only the reason that he is the head of a fascist state.