Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Grim Reaper

According to a Harvard Study, an American with no insurance who goes to the ER is twice as likely to die of traumatic injury if they have no insurance. The first thing that comes to mind is that these people have underlying health conditions. This would be expected because if you are sick you don’t get to have insurance and so you could be expected to succumb to your untreated illness but those in this study were all trauma cases. The majority of the uninsured are young healthy adults who also tend to have a much higher incidence of trauma injuries so being sick should not be that big of a factor.

You could say that these people routinely waited too long to go to the ER, but this study only looked at people with injuries from things like car crashes, falls and gunshot wounds where waiting isn’t really a choice for most people. They didn’t count people who were DOA or were treated and released. Certainly waiting too long could be a contributing factor in some deaths, since if you’ve ever been to an ER without insurance you will find the first call you will receive when to get home will be from the collection agency. Your bill will be four times what the insurance company would have had to pay and this is why collection companies that prey upon the uninsured sick are the darlings of Wall Street.

There is a long list of ways in which the system is stacked against the uninsured. Many live in areas where the hospitals are not well equipped and lack adequate staff. If you seek emergency treatment at a private for profit hospital which used to be required to be nonprofit but has been taken over as a stacked system eliminates the public hospitals, if you go to one of these bastions of Free Enterprise without an insurance card, they will only give you as little treatment as they can get away with to stabilize you so that you can be shipped out to a public hospital no matter how far away that may be. They would let you die on the doorstep if this was allowed by law.

Republicans insist that all uninsured Americans get excellent health care by going to the ER in the ever shrinking pool of public hospitals. In fact all of the people at focal point of this study got ER care... and died. They got care in public hospitals with ever diminishing resources as the Republicans do what ever they can to cut funding.

Republican crony Insurance companies make it ever more difficult for these hospitals to provide services by using every under handed billing trick they can to push payment onto the policy holder who is sick and simply cannot pay.

Since the US spends twice as much per person as the next most expensive country and gets worse outcomes, it isn’t a matter of spending the money. It’s a matter of making the rich richer and the middle class health plan simply is, die quickly.

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Ed Encho said...

The Republican party should be declared a terrorist organization.

The damage that they have done to America over the day when the ultimate product as frontman, Ronald Reagan slimed his way into the White House on a wave of reich wing anger (with an assist to Daddy Bush's covert arms deal with Iran to prolong the hostage release aka The October Surprise) we have been on a downward trajectory.

I put the demarcation point with reality at Reagan's inauguration, that was also the era of the cable and satellite explosion and I will give the devils their due in knowing how to propagandize, exploit and brainwash the masses of asses in a way that would give Joseph Goebbels a chubby.

During the 80's the Vietnam war was refought and won in the nation's multi-plexes and living rooms thanks to Rambo and Chuck Norris among others. Greed was good according to the gospel of Gordon Gekko and the fascist plan for the media takeover as stated in the Powell Memorandum was put into place.

Yessir, the unions were busted, good ole Dutch was just whetting the appetites of the dumbasses when he took down the air traffic controllers as a warmup when he singlehandedly dismantled the Berlin Wall brick by brick and gave those damned commies a star spangled ass whuppin that they would never forget.

The Bush-Cheney-Rove Axis of evil and the neocons who used Reagan's administration as an incubator took it to another level with the PNAC and the American Reichstag fire 9/11.

Now thanks to the inexcusable and dare I say treasonous failure of Harry Reid, the eunuch that he is and the rest of the Vichy Democrats the Republican terrorist party is back in business thanks to the Beckers, the Palinazis and a reinvigorated whacko 'Christian' Zionist movement determined to reassert themselves so that Iran can be nuked and they can all fly dirty nasty nekkid up to sit at the foot of God's throne while the rest of us damned librul heathens will be torn limb by limb.

Since the USAPATRIOT Act is not going to be revoked why not just use it against the real terrorists: The Republican party.

Just my two cents over the morning cup o' joe


kripto said...

It's obvious that the corporate sponcored Terrorist/Republican Party has had a very good following of some pretty dumb Americans. They really don't know that when they vote for a Republican it is a vote for their own self distruction. Perhaps that is what they really want.