Saturday, November 14, 2009

Every Island

Friday the thirteenth was an unlucky day for three more banks and of course for taxpayers, costing us another billion Dollars. Technically the FDIC operates on premiums from insured banks and not public money but bankers don’t have their pay docked for this, they pass it on to us.

Everything stupid that corporations do gets paid for by us. Libertarians think every man is an island. Unless you live on a real island in a remote part of the world you can’t even begin to be independent. Of course with global warming, you had better have pontoons on your island.


Ed Encho said...

Yep, Goldman's gazillions just keep on coming while the rest of the peasants are beggared and left behind. Now today I see that the Pope of Hope is about to enter into a new 'free' trade agreement with the pacific nations. Matty Drudge has her panties in a twist because Obama bowed to the Japanese emperor and the Palinazi peckerwoods have one more thing to be outraged about.

Fade it, it's pretty apparent that Obama is just another facade for the same old oligarchy, a smiling one, a celebrity prez and a smooth talking closer who is well on the way to finishing the sale of our souls for pennies on the dollar.

Change you say? Can you say chump change?

Keep on writing my man, you are plugged directly into this thing.


Anonymous said...

I agree with EE and recent commentors. P2 always cuts to the chase and keeps us informed. So-roses are red etc. and hold your nose and click on the ads. I find it sweet irony that these corp type (some) Fr's have to pay for P2 to post. It just takes a second and a strong stomach, but think about how much crap you would have to dig through to get the straight poop.