Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Birdseed Milkshake Economy

Today’s economic news is brought to you by the number forty.

Sesame Street turned forty today and they still tell truth to children and sometimes they don’t. In 1968, Big Bird could buy a bird seed milkshake at Mr. Hoopers store for 20 cents and today the posted price is 2.99. If they wanted to be totally honest, Mr. Hooper’s store and all the others would be gone and Big Bird would be working at Walmart.

According to the conservatives, Sesame Street was supposed to make all the kids into socialists and destroy capitalism. Instead, forty years of conservatives dominating economic policy has dragged us down to where we look increasing like the Soviet Union of 1968, except for the universal health care they enjoyed. Of course in 1968, Mr. Hooper’s store sold American goods. Today he would be selling goods exclusively from Communist China, not because he wanted to, but because that is conservative policy.

Still there have been positive changes that Sesame Street can take some of the credit for. The first year they were on the air, the show with the integrated cast was banned in Mississippi. Today Sesame Street had First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama showing kids how to plant vegetables. A skill they will need in the conservative future and Big Bird will need to watch his back and his drumsticks.

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PitchingDoc said...

When Sesame Street came out, did Jerry Falwell stay that Big Bird was homosexual like one of the teletubbies or that Bert and Ernie was going to drive America to homosexuality?