Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Red Phone is ringing and the Republicans want to cut the wire

The right-wing had a fit over Obama’s canceling of Bush and Cheney’s ABM installations in the former Warsaw Pact countries on Russia’s frontier. Even worse by their thinking he reached an agreement for each side to further reduce their strategic warheads.

Well, the Republicans aren’t done trying to bring on Armageddon, they are doing everything they can to meddle in the negotiations for a new START Treaty replacing one from the Soviet era that will expire in a few weeks. Under the treaty we and the Russians each have 30 inspectors keeping track of the other’s arsenals. The Obama Adm. is trying to negotiate a treaty to further reduce delivery vehicles, bombers, ICBMs and submarines.

The Republicans in the Senate have said "Hell NO" we want new and better bombs. Since no treaty can pass the Senate without at least seven Republicans (2/3 being 67 votes required by the Constitution), so a treaty is out of the question. Sec. Clinton just recently left Russia and hopefully she carries an Executive Agreement for the President to sign that will keep the existing treaty in effect.

The Republicans would like to funnel many billions into building a new production line for a next generation of warhead. New warheads haven’t been built since Reagan’s Peace Keeper missile. These were taken out of service with the SALT treaty but the nose cones were retained. (they shipped some to Taiwan by mistake) These have been used to modernize old Minuteman II missiles and the Russians weren’t very happy about it but Bush dressed up in his codpiece and did as he liked, he didn’t believe Soviet treaties applied to the Russians. That’s why we are coming down to the last minute and Obama has to cobble together a gentleman’s agreement to keep the world from ending. He’s doing this over the Republicans’ objections and they will do everything they can to stop him. They really hate that Peace Prize, it doesn’t have a plutonium core. www.prairie2.com


Fake_William_Shatner said...

It's really hard to find a treat the Republicans want since they are so "pro end-of-the-world" at the moment.