Thursday, October 22, 2009

the price of moose meat in Brazilian Reais

Sarah Palin has suddenly discovered the frightening new world of international currency trading. OK, not really, she has no clue why the Dollar is strong or weak or what that means or how it got there. But the headlines say the Dollar is "weak" and that’s a good talkin’ point, you betcha. It makes Obama look weak or evil or something. With the corporate media talking up the so called stock market rally, her kind need something, anything to keep Obama from looking good. They desperately need to blame the steam roller of poverty that is overtaking their followers on Obama and not on the people who are really turning them into corporate serfs.

Palin can rant about how Obama’s pay czar will be cutting their pay but that’s dangerous ground with the growing populist outrage about multi-million Dollar salaries for people who don’t do anything productive. Headlines that say Obama has cut those parasites pay by 50% are hard to spin but tying him to a weak Dollar makes Obama look to be to blame for the pain and suffering on main street since he’s destroying the American Dream. The Dream that your parents can pay $60,000 for you to get a Harvard MBA and pull strings at the country club to get you a job on Wall Street starting at 400,000 and you go on to make billions in the derivative market. You know, just pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Okay, maybe she won’t tell her people that.

Palin could rightly say to her followers that the weak Dollar will make everything they buy at Walmart a lot more expensive since it all comes from China and the Dollar buys less and less everyday. That might be a bit dangerous because at some point her followers might want to know why everything at Walmart comes from China. Instead she will doubtless tell them they will lose their jobs because the weak Dollar will hurt US exports. Of course in theory just the opposite is true. Not that those theories really matter much to those living in the wreckage of our economy. Palin’s followers had better be canning moose meat.