Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Pit

The Right Wing Nutz are all over the collapsing Dollar story. Glen Beck and the other loons are telling the bed wetters that the Federal Government checks will start bouncing and the states are going to go all tenth amendment and start seceding. And the violence, they know there will be violence, "especially in the inner city". They can’t wait.

Of course they don’t believe anything bad will happen in their part of town. After all if there’s a crisis they just go to the, the, the, errr, ( the Federal Government). They are all self made conservatives. In reality, their boot straps have Uncle Sam’s picture on them.

Some of them probably even have gold. It hasn’t occurred to them that if things get so bad that the Federal Government goes away that there won’t be any place to spend their gold. They seem to think that the world will just go on the way it always has for them. In fact they believe it will be the return of the good old days. They can keep their jobs in financial services and drive their suvs from their gated community to the country club. Real Americans will be in charge again and they won’t have any of those liberal laws restricting how they treat the servants. The "whites only" signs can go back up. There will be no taxes and they’ll all be rich. Prayer will be back in the schools and women will know their place again.

They can’t wait and they don’t have a clue about the pit they are going to fall into. It would be funny if we didn’t have to go down with them. prairie2


Athanasor said...

Bingo. As cogent and terse a statement of the final destination of the right wing-nuts as I have ever seen. Unfortunately, the fatal disease of ignorance is too widespread for those who need to see it.

Canned goods for the short term; skills for the long term.

Awareness is a survival skill.