Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Freeper Flu

I have a hard time with articles that concentrate on the crazy freeper stuff as if that was the real concern and by refuting them they have dismissed everybody else too.

I am not opposed to vaccine per se, but I would like them to be tested by a disinterested third party. A study published in Lancet a couple of years ago said no flu vaccine had ever really been tested and the death rate in the elderly does not change from year to year regardless of the composition or availability of vaccine. I'll be interested to see if a real study of this current outbreak is ever undertaken.

The facts are that these vaccines are being made by same old killer corporations so you can't assume they are safe. The government didn't test them for safety or even if they actually worked, just to see if they produce an immune response, that isn't the same thing. I'd like to see a follow up study on people vaccinated. When they say the method used to produce the vaccine is the same "except for the virus"; that is a very big "except". Then we come back to; does the seasonal vaccine work? Finally, even if this vaccine is safe and effective, you still can’t trust these bastards. Even the most corrupt cop will lock up the occasional bad guy, that does not excuse him.

Expecting it to work because it sounds good is not a substitute for actual legitimate studies.

Some actual facts: the H1N1 virus that is going around is a hybrid of swine, human and bird flu. the first H1N1 to be identified was found in hogs in the 1930s hence the "swine" name, until electron microscopes they couldn't "see" viruses and had to infer their properties. The letter/number designation has to do with the shape of the virus and not its source or who or what gets it.

pigs do get this strain and it has been going around in mega hog farms since sometime in the 1990s. Why it jumped to humans in the villages surrounding a million hogs per year Smithfield factory farm in northern Mexico is unknown but probably because the people were exposed repeatedly until a mutation occurred. Flu mutates very easily and can even pick up protein snippets from its host. Unless you keep pigs you probably don't have any resistance to H1N1 since it hasn't gone around in humans since 1918.

The thing that determines how well an individual virus strain spreads is its ability to attach to and absorb blood sugar molecules found in different species. This is why they don't jump easily from birds, pigs, people, etc. They can spread but if they can't absorb sugar easily, they don't survive or reproduce fast enough to cause disease before being destroyed by the immune system. Until it mutates.


Messy Kitchen, Frazzled Cook said...

There are so many ingredients in these vaccines that are suspect, and some that are downright dangerous, like mercury. The right thing to do is to get plenty of rest, take supplements that will boost your immune system and drink plenty of pure water.