Friday, September 11, 2009

The nanny has TB but but I got her cheap

More Americans than ever are below the poverty level now at 16% and climbing fast. This is producing a feedback effect as the poor have less money to spend putting a further drag on the economy causing more layoffs, pushing more into poverty, causing more layoffs, on and on, down and down. Any jobs gained or retained by the stimulus are being more than offset by the Republican push to off shore jobs and this is also driving down the economy. Cash strapped local and state governments are cutting wages and eliminating jobs which puts more downward pressure on the economy. The number of people on unemployment continues to decline as benefits run out. Large corporations are using the high unemployment numbers to force lower wages and longer hours for salaried workers.

Despite the standard Republican chant that people on unemployment won’t look for work, the number of job openings in July hit a ten year low. Where are the jobs? A third of every health care dollar that goes to doctors and hospitals is spent dealing with insurance company paper work. Collection agencies that work for hospitals are also a growth industry. Hospitals will typically charge an individual without insurance three times what the insurance company will pay and then turn the victim (I mean patient) immediately over to the collection agency. Insurance companies now pay on average less for a procedure than Medicare.

Insurance companies employ a fair number of bureaucrats to maintain their 40% cut by denying payment but most of those jobs are in India. It is no wonder that we pay anywhere from double to 4 times what other major developed countries for health care on average and yet rank right at the bottom in life expectancy, infant mortality (50th) and any other metric you look at. The Konservative Klan-ers claim this is because of all the brown people we have here. If you only count white people the numbers don’t change that much despite a considerably higher income average. Many of the countries we rank behind only have brown people.

Best health care in the world? More Americans leave to get affordable medical care than others who come here and most who come here are Canadians that are paid for by their government plan. Canada is such a spread out country with a small population that a major hospital is often closer in the US and let me repeat; the patient is not charged for it, Canada pays.

The Republicans continue to claim "Obamacare" would cover illegal immigrants (you know their maid). Nobody is going to come here just to get medical care, they all have it at home and the Republicans should be forced to provide health care for the people they bring here to work. If the nanny is carrying drug resistant TB maybe she should get treatment.

Did you catch the Klan rally the handful of Republicans left in Congress were holding during the President’s speech? Want to put the unapologetic Grand Dragon wannabe Joe Wilson back in the South Carolina swamp he crawled out of ? Go to Democratic candidate and give him ten bucks. More if you are really pissed.


Anonymous said...

right on Bruce, right on!.
when we all become unemployed, the top 10% can then offshore there own asses, then maybe we will be able to put this country back together. starting by offshoring the dem. & rep.partys as well. Sam

Unknown said...

WTF? Where do you get the idea that it's solely 'Republicans' pushing to off shore jobs? Everyone is involved, from big industry to the little consumer, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or political affiliation. You must have heard that crap from the mainstream media and really believe the shit they tell you. Its true that unemployment begets more unemployment in the current US economy, precisely because it's a service based industry that values spending money rather than saving and manufacturing, so you are inevitably outsourcing all jobs by trying to support and prop up the current system. Drawing unfounded conclusions unsupported by fundamental economic principles, and ignoring the history of the US govt's economic policies can only lead superficial 'solutions'.