Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You’re before the Death Panel everyday

There are Death Panels. There is little or no chance that your life will not be cut short by one of them. In corporate headquarters around the world they callously make decisions that will kill you. Insurance companies that pull your plug don’t behave any different from any other corporation. You are nothing to them but grist for the mill.

Cigarettes of course, lead and heavy metals in the coal smoke, millions of tons of pesticides, corn sweetener in the food and on and on. You can track the advent of every major disease that plagues us by the introduction and expanded use of something we really don’t need that makes some corporation a lot of money.

Take 2-4-D, a broadleaf weed killer. Fifty years ago they really pushed it as safe because it was just a hormone that made the weeds grow themselves to death. Growing twisted and malformed until they die. That should have been a clue. You’ve probably heard of its close cousin, 2-4-5-T or Agent Orange. You wouldn’t spray Agent Orange all over your lawn or would you? You do or your lawn service does and so do all your neighbors. They know it is a direct contributor to cancer (especially in women) but they still marinate us and our food in it everyday. Why? Because it gets rid of the dandelions and it makes it possible to grow corn with a few less farmers. Oh yeah, and it makes the people that own a big chemical company rich.