Friday, August 7, 2009

We lost another major city in July

I hate to be the wet blanket on the jobs report but the July numbers were not good despite the .1 drop in the unemployment rate. We still lost a quarter million jobs, if they said we depopulated a medium size city, maybe it would be more real. We aren’t talking about fluctuations in the job market. All the slack is already gone out of the system, we are cutting muscle and nothing is being done about it. There is no plan to bring these jobs back from China. Even if the economy "picks up", it just means we import more and this just hastens the day when our credit runs out and the party’s over.

Over the past eight years the Republicans were screaming about mushroom clouds over major cities all the while they were setting up the destruction of America. It hasn't been terrorists destroying homes but bankers. The refugees are living in their cars, in tent camps and relatives basements. Their hopes and dreams gone forever. Bin Laden didn't threaten to blow us up, he said he would destroy our economy. He thought he could drive oil up to $140 a barrel. He couldn't but George Bush did.

Nothing that the Republicans have done over the past forty years has been undone. The stimulus has mitigated the damage they’ve done in the last couple of years from under funding infrastructure. But there is still a backlog of trillions worth of work that should have been done and hasn’t been funded. The Senate compromise that appeased the three Republicans cut the spending in half when it was only fraction of what needed to be done to begin with.

Now is not the time to start thinking that things are going our way. We have to keep pushing for real economic reform. Buy American, buy local, go out and talk to people about rebuilding.


Fake_William_Shatner said...

Urban survival has a good example of how they manipulate these numbers to come up with the happy talk.

And yes, he concludes that they reduced the number of WORKERS in America to reduce the unemployment figures. BushCo perfected this, and perhaps everyone is afraid to spook the crowds with the ugly truth.

We really need to go with a figure that counts the # working to the # not working -- with a percentage covering working poor and MEDIAN salary.

The CES Birth/Death model assumes that everyone went on vacation this summer, and couldn't be bothered with jobs.

Anonymous said...

The government has been foxing the inflation and employment numbers for years and always in the best interests of people other than those that have pay tied to inflation or that are unemployed. One knows who this country is run for and it isn't the working stiff and the one that used to be a working stiff. People that work are really just too stupid to really matter in their opinion.

We turned our backs as a country on "work" and actually making things over thirty years ago and it was a big mistake and one that the leadership is unwilling to admit that it is a mistake. As long as the top one or two percent keep adding to their fortunes at an obscene rate there will be no change. We bought American made tires for our Rangie a while back and it took some effort to do it but by the time the shop found some we liked they turned out to be less than five bucks a tire more than junk from China. Well worth it to me.

But think of all the right wing flag wavers waving flags bought at WalMart and made in China as they assure you that they are the real Americans and we are some sort of Commie scum.