Saturday, August 15, 2009

Snidely Whiplash Mackey

email from Exupery:
About John Mackey (Whole Foods CEO in WSJ) and the like telling us we haven't earned socialized health care:

If he collapses, we should not call 911 for him. We should first ask him, "How much is it worth to you?"

Mackey prospers on the backs of an under compensated work force. We are only worth the least amount. I have watched as our professions and workers have been extorted and filched by the investor class. After we get our ratings, degrees and develop our skills we are told by the Mackeys of the world we are worth nothing. So Mackey telling the public they have not earned health care is like saying "let them eat cake." (or is it organic cheese?)

Oh yeah, and my point was, what fruit has Mackey ever produced? Or more to the point; how many of those hospital administrators and insurance executives have ever practiced a day of medicine in their life? (This would be an interesting list, short, but interesting)
Best Regards,

It takes a certain kind of sociopath to think the way he does. Unfortunately a certain number of doctors in the past 30 years have been of the just do medicine to make money mind set, healing is just a way to avoid malpractice. If you spend much time around a hospital you will see them. In the really corporatized operations that is all there is.

In the old days these people were villainized like Snidely Whiplash tying Little Nell to the railroad track. Today the corporate media makes them heroes or at least we are taught to fear them. prairie2