Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Follow the Trail of Treason Back to More Treason

Robert Novak, an un-indicted coconspirator in a grievous act of treason died today. He was a willing participant in the outing of an deep cover CIA agent who was doing anti-terrorism work involving the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Any claims that Novak was unaware that the agent in question was deep cover are disproved by his own writing where goes on to out the agent’s employer as a dummy corporation set up many years ago by the CIA and thereby breaking everybody’s cover.

Cheney, Libby and Novak broke the cover of multiple CIA agents who worked for the Brewster-Jennings front company. These agents wore this cover publicly for their entire careers from spy academy until death. Any foreign asset who ever had contact with them over several decades was likely executed (reports are that close to one hundred died) and it would put a chill into all CIA contacts worldwide. The excuse for the deliberate destruction of this intelligence operation and the death of agents was that it was petty revenge for exposing Bush’s lie in a speech claiming Iraq was buying yellow cake uranium from the African country of Niger.

It seems an extreme measure to destroy a CIA clandestine intelligence unit even for a man like Cheney that would shoot his friend in the face and then graciously accept his friend’s apology for getting shot. It would be more logical to look for some stronger motivation to commit what the first President Bush characterized as nothing less than treason.

There were rumors at the time that the real reason was to stop CIA intelligence work on WMDs involving Turkey and Iraq immediately post invasion. We now have hints of a far reaching scandal involving Turkey from Sibel Edmonds a former FBI translator. Her testimony reportedly implicates high government officials in a whole host of crimes involving nuclear weapons secrets, Bush support of Bin Laden right up to 9-11 and other things that would justify treason. Or rather, committing more treason.


Fake_William_Shatner said...

I am so glad someone besides me is seeing this connection.

The target by Novak, Cheney and the rest was Brewster-Jennings all along.

WayneMadsenReport.com is kind of a dumping ground for CIA whistleblowers, and they had reported that Brewster-Jennings had intercepted components for VX-Nerve gas going to Iraq, shipped in boxes with the Carylysle Group logo.

So maybe when Rumsfeld said "weapons of Mass Destruction" was a slam dunk, he was counting on some agents planting the evidence -- and that was ruined by heroic efforts by the Brewster-Jennings group.

Lot's of heroes died to bring about the plans of the cowards of PNAC.

>> Siebel Edmunds was claiming that she translated Turkish security reports that members of the Bush administration had been selling nuclear secrets to A Q Kahn as well as components to nations on their "axis of evil" list.

By the way, the press never reports about Dubai and Saudi Arabia developing Nuclear Capabilities.

Are there any BIGGER traitors of America than the Bush cabal?

Anonymous said...

Soon the revisionist historians will claim that Novak's brain was ravaged by cancer so us heartless liberals should should back off his innocent act of treasonous indiscretion that exposed the name of a CIA NOC agent.

This would be in line with the playbook used to defend Reagan when it was proven that he approved providing arms to Iran in exchange for hostages. But I thought we "don't negotiate with terrorists". Right, Hannity? I guess that's unless you have dementia and an "R" after your name... then you get a free pass.

"un-indicted coconspirator" is indeed the correct description of this now departed traitor.