Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Race to the End

Prairie2, handicapping the four horses of the apocalypse.

The White Horse is ridden by Conquest who carries a bow and is given a crown and seeks to rule the world.
The Red Horse goes forth with War on his back who wields a large sword and brings civil war and bloodshed.
The Black Horse carries Famine with nothing more than a weighing scale to measure how many days wages will pay for a quart of grain.
The Pale Horse is mounted by Death the bringer of pestilence and disease and Hell follows him.

And they’re off: The White Horse is currently out of the competition with jockey Dick Cheney having dropped his whip and not able to start new wars but look for a late charge. The Red Horse of civil war is definitely in the running despite carrying Rush as his jockey. The Black Horse of Famine is always a comer with the Great Depression strategy to win. The Pale Horse can’t be counted out with the next pandemic just one sneeze away.

The leader is rounding the turn and disappearing into the fog of war, we can only follow the shock and awe from concussions of bombs and the screams of children. Track spotters provided by the corporate media are reporting all is well however and victory is only a surge away. We still can’t see anything but the conservative crowd seems to cheering harder as the acrid smoke and putrid smell of rotting corpses washes over them. Wait, there seems to be something happening at the far end of the stands, I can’t quite see, OH GOD! (piercing tone, connection lost....)

For some cheery filler music about the Four Horses and their riders get "The Man Comes Around", the title track from Johnny Cash's American IV album , released in 2002 runtime 4:26

There are several youtube versions, this one features fallen soldiers.