Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is Obama Playing Chess on the Health Care Bill?

Did Obama sucker the Republicans out into the center of the board by offering to sacrifice 50 million pawns? Forced to answer questions about health care co-ops, Republicans were obliged to say they would of course vote against them (co-op translates to communist after all). So much for the BI-partisanship that the right-wing death panelists like Grassley have been lying about. So it’s really up to the Democrats in the Senate after all. Sixty of them, count them, sixty god damn Democrats. Who are they kidding that they ever needed the Republicans to begin with. No Democrat in the Senate is in any real danger of losing his seat and we could pick up a couple of more, especially if everybody gets health care for a change.

If people found out that they would no longer lose their insurance for preexisting conditions. That they couldn’t have their insurance cut off in the middle of cancer treatment. That they could change or lose their jobs and never, ever, no matter what, lose their insurance. Who will the formally middle class people vote for when they start getting insurance again? You see that’s another of the big lies, that it’s the poor who don’t have insurance. The poor get Medicaid, the 50 million and by now it’s probably 60 million who don’t have insurance are people who are middle class. Or they should be except that no middle class jobs have been created in the last thirty years as those jobs were either out source d or downgraded by union busting.

So it comes down to a chess gambit. It’s not hard to fool Republicans, that goes without saying. You have to be stupid or insane to be one, but that doesn’t keep them from knocking the board on the floor and pulling a gun. Like saloon poker Mr. President, don’t play with your back to the door.