Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ever wonder where Ex-Senator Rick Santorum has gone? He’s just announced a series of speeches to be given before right-wing religious groups in Iowa this fall. A spokesman said this doesn’t necessarily amount to a kick off of a 2012 presidential campaign just because Iowa has the first caucus in the nation.

Since Iowa is one of less than a handful of states to legalize gay marriage and Iowa did launch the successful march to the White House by (whisper) a black man; Iowa should be fertile ground for Santorum. What with the packs of men and dogs having sex in the streets and all the abandoned white women being forced into prostitution by the legions of black pimps with federal badges.

God has not been ignoring the sinful nature of Iowa, to punish the voters for the nazi liberal commie fascist president, "He" sent a 12 billion dollar flood last summer. This summer because of all the "man on dog sex", God has plagued Iowa with unheard of cold summer weather and has repeatedly sent hail storms over large areas devastating crops with yields down 40% statewide. Ex-Senator Santorum will be able to dispel the myth that this is the result of manmade global warming but rather the righteous punishment from a wrathful god.

But the Ex-Senator may have a hard time finding an audience as Socialist death panels already being formed to start eliminating the elderly and the infirm, forcing abortions and giving everybody sex change operations. But with the new White House enemies email list, all of Santorum’s supporters will have rounded up by the time he finishes his first speech. God will send locusts and rain frogs.

Ps: you know how sweet corn leaves stink after a few days in a hot garbage can? A couple of days after a hail storm, a corn field smells like that at a distance.