Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tea Bags and Rocket's Red Glare

Are you getting ready for Independence Day? Do you know what our forefathers were fighting for? What did tea have to do with it? Contrary to what the Republican tea baggers would like you to believe, the colonists weren't opposed to taxes. They were opposed to the British East India Company (the Super Walmart of the day) being exempt from all taxes while their businesses weren't. The tea dumped in Boston harbor was tax exempt.

Today's tea baggers are on the wrong side of history. They think corporations are on their side somehow and if we did away with taxes we would return to those magical days of 1776. We have a choice between serfdom and freedom but first people have to figure out which is which. Go out Saturday night and enjoy the rockets red glare and the bombs bursting in air, it's just for show.