Thursday, July 9, 2009

New normals in dating ahead

New unemployment claims were down 52,000 last week but economists are predicting that this was just holiday week blip in reporting and expect next weeks numbers to be back up well over 600,000. Last week's number was still 200,000 over this week last year. The number of continuing claims rose an alarming 159,000 last week to set yet another record and this number does not include people whose benefits have run out. The US unemployment rate is expected to pass 10% in July with the real figure close to double that.

15 million adult kids were living with parents last year with 55% of college age men (18 to 24) living at home. This was last year’s number, this year’s will be much worse with job offers to graduates at record lows. Men are 70% of the newly unemployed in the past 18 months. One of network infotainment shows this morning used this number as the basis for a segment on dating, the burning question for young women; would you date a guy without a job? Why not, since it’s the new normal.

The major economies of the world are continuing to push for non-dollar trade and China is buying anything and everything from anybody that will still take dollars. We are in for a lot of new normals. A guy that lives with his parents could be the new "catch" compared to the guy that lives in box under a bridge or maybe it will be the size of the box he has or how nice of a bridge he lives under.


Anonymous said...

Hmmh, time to go out scouting for refrigerator boxes, the new luxury housing. I'm going to become a real estate rental king. A new meaning to a "double wide".

Times change...norms change. You'll be seeing a lot of problems and anger. I would guess the new deal breaker questions on dating might be indeed things his/her parents own a home...might he/she have skills that will get a job in the future...can he/she hunt or fish...have a skill that can be traded for food?

Of course if you do have money you do have a rather major upside to all this...the price of servants must be dropping and will drop even further.

I seem to recall during the first years after the Soviet Union in Russia the sex trades exploded and it was not at all uncommon for women hired in a lot of businesses to have to provide a little more to their and willingness got you hired.

In parts of Asia in recent years I saw an explosion of the sex trades and in places and in ways that I didn't see in even in the'60s what with Vietnam and all the GI's in places like Hong Kong and Thailand. I can't help but think things like that will happen here.