Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gated Communities or Feudal Lord Compounds?

From Anonymous:
No one in charge wants to admit that we need to change the American model of cheap crappy goods to keep Americans consuming. It is a model that at some point has to fail but Wall Street calls the tune and what is good for Wall Street isn't good for Main Street or the middle or lower class family on Mockingbird Lane.BUT most Americans are whistling past the graveyard. They know it is there but somehow they think they will avoid it or some miracle will happen or maybe it will not happen until they are dead. Wall Street thinks that somehow they will be immune to the effects of the system falling apart, gated communities, guards and so on but if people have to quit consuming since they can't afford to consume much of anything the system will collapse and take most everything with it. They will not be safe.

From prairie2: there are countries where the very few own everything and everyone else is crushingly poor. If Republicans want to live like this why don't they leave us alone and move to Somolia?


Anonymous said...

Look at the Philippines; Rush Limbaugh’s ideal country. They are Christian, Democratic, and Capitalistic; all the things Limbaugh attributes to our greatness. So why is it they are not the economic powerhouse of the Pacific? Perhaps because no one can earn an honest living. Everyone is so busy competing for themselves, no one can work for another. Lucio Tan own's half of it including the Philippine National Bank and Philippine Airlines. How was it the airline went bankrupt but Tan still own's it? Because there are no honest days.
They export their best talent to the four corners of the world because they cannot pay a living wage (See “World on Fire” by Amy Chua). And we’re getting our collective butts kicked economically by a communist, atheistic country.