Saturday, July 4, 2009

Flying with Neo-feudalism

From Anonymous:
While Jet Blue and other carriers look good to start with, at some point their workers will want better pay and benefits. If they get them, in a while we will have Jet Red and then Jet Orange all hiring young low time pilots and paying as little as they can. Then we have a bunch of old pilots with no retirement and no possible chance of new employment and of course real retirements have gone the way of the passenger pigeon.

While the workers suffer you see the same faces running the airlines and making real money and when one company goes under they seem to be able to start another airline or find work at another upstart and another industry gets to push their workers into being serfs or peasants. In the long run it will hurt since almost all businesses are trying to gut worker pay and conditions so at some point just who will be able to travel, buy big tickets short we are going have a smaller and smaller consumer group and consuming is what is driving the present day America.

From prairie2:
90% of our economy is driven by people who spend 100% of their income. In economies that have no middle class, the poor tend to sustain themselves by growing their own food. Here agriculture has already been taken away from the people, in neo-feudalism the very few own everything, even the canned goods.