Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"and that’s the way it is"

Did you win the lottery today? Get a multi-million dollar sports contract? Get rich selling Scamway or buying real-estate with no money down? Has your 401k made you part of the ownership society? Living the lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? It is no coincidence that ALL of these things were created early in the Reagan crime spree, they didn’t exist before. These false hopes were created to replace the American Dream with the American Fantasy.

It’s no coincidence that Uncle Walter was forced to retire in 1981. Originally CBS said he would be producing news specials of his choosing but within weeks they created a scandal and fired him for taking advisory board positions at major corporations. They claimed he violated the separation between the "news" and corporate America, they made it sound like he had broken the law.

Looking back at what was going on with Reagan and how the "news" would cease to be anything but right-wing corporate propaganda, it is no surprise they needed to disgrace and silence him forever. Can you imagine if the newsman who ended the careers of LBJ and Nixon had run a special about Iran-Contra?

We could be living in a different world today. Dick Cheney and company would just be getting out of prison. Millions need not have died. We would be the leading economy in the world today instead of third or fourth and fading fast. But news became propaganda, "and that’s the way it is".


Unknown said...

Just like Mike Malloy, you really tell it like it is. I so enjoy readig your blog, Keep it up