Monday, June 29, 2009

Slavery is Freedom Down on the Farm

A little noticed aspect of the economic collapse is the farm crisis. People in businesses that serve the farm economy say that they have never seen things this bad. In the eighties they made movies and held Farm Aid concerts, but now there aren't that many farmers left and it isn't attracting much attention.

There is also the matter of Bush appointed Judges and Appeals Judges doing away with all state laws that had been passed in the eighties to protect farmers from corporate predators. The corporate dominated Supreme Court simply refused to hear any appeals. The patenting of plant and animal genetics and the heavy handed domination by corporations has recently been rubber stamped by the Corporate Justices.

You'll notice food prices have not come down despite farm prices being half of what they were a year ago. Hard for farmers to elicit much sympathy with food prices so high and the American Dream going down the drain. FDR had land reform and price controls. The Republicans have their own version, all the land goes to a few corporations and the price of food to the consumer is high. "Free Market" is double speak, it goes with the saying "slavery is freedom".