Thursday, June 11, 2009

Only the elite have the moral authority to rule. Just ask them.

Is it my imagination or is the frequency of Right-wing crazies lashing out increasing? Fox continues to pump its lies about the left or more accurately about mainstream America. None of the hate is new of course but hasn’t been in the corporate media since the fall of the Third Reich. It’s all word for word the nonsense that circulated in grainy photo copies during the Clinton and Carter Adm. I have dim memories of hearing the other little kids repeating the hate slogans about Kennedy that they learned from their parents. During the Clinton Adm. you needed a short-wave radio to hear this nonsense, now there are multiple radio stations in every market spewing the hate.

Do the Freepers really want another Civil War? The Billionaires who yank their chain want to create enough chaos so that they can consolidate power. The basic premise of Conservative philosophy is that the common man is evil and can’t trusted with democracy, only the elite should rule. And how do you know who God has chosen to be the elite? Money is the score card.

If they can stir up the 15% of Americans who don't have opposable thumbs to enough violence, this will prove their point. Republicans always run on law and order after they create the disorder.