Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nejad, Obama and Cheney. Name the one in power.

Ahmadi-Nejad has won a landslide reelection in Iran. Before everybody goes off the deep end, you have to remember his position as President is largely without power. He presents Iran's face to the world much like the Queen of England. The Prime Minister runs things and policy is set by the Supreme Leader who heads the Religious Council. Despite cries of election fraud, his victory has such a large margin that you can assume it to be legitimate. Even the Supreme Leader was surprised by the vote calling the election a "a startling and unique event".

Why would the people of Iran elect a guy that they openly mock as a buffoon? The reason is simple: they are getting tired of the Western corporations screwing with their economy. Iran was using its oil money to become a major banking power in non-dollar transactions. Under the guise of fighting terrorism the Bush Crime Family had put major restrictions on Iran's ability to do business with US and European banks. This has also dragged down their industrial base which has led to shortages and unemployment. Did you know Iran builds one million cars a year?

If Obama wants to get along with Iran all he has to do is take off these illegal embargoes. Will the mega-corporations let him do that? Certainly not, but if Obama does it anyway, then you'll know he is really in charge and not Dick Cheney.


Bukko Boomeranger said...

Hey P2 -- I have an interesting bit of conspiracy for you, and by extension, Malloy. Have you been following the U.S. Treasury Bill smuggling story at the Italian/Swiss border? Italian treasury police at the border post in Chiasso (I've actually been through that place, on the southern side of the St. Gotthard Pass, a loooong tunnel infamous for a disastrous fire that incinerated dozens of truckers...) Dammit, I'm off on a tangent again!

Anyway, last week the Guardia di Finanza caught two Japanese citizens with a false-bottomed suitcase. Inside, there were $134 BILLION in U.S. Treasury Bills. Many of them had face values of $1 billion apiece. This would represent 20% of all the T-Bills Japan owns. It's about as much U.S. debt as the Russian government owns!

What the hell were people doing smuggling this much U.S. government debt? Was it counterfeit? Where did it come from? Who tipped off the border guards? This is fascinating as all hell.

The Italian and Japanese media have had stories about this. But surprisingly (hah!) in the Land of the Free-est Press in the World (i.e. the USA) there has not been a peep from the MSM.

Bloomberg now prints the official line, that these are fake. They WOULD say that, because no such bonds are officially authorised to exist.

Karl Denninger (you must know of him) opines that no one would be stupid enough to counterfeit such large denominations. He thinks it's a sign that the Japanese are trying to dump T-Bills without spooking the market.

There are all sorts of angles in this which are being covered in the fringe blogosphere, but ignored in the corporate meeja. It sounds like something you and Malloy might enjoy.

prairie2 said...

If the amounts are true, they would be fake. But a good way to make a story go away is to leak "facts" that are absurd on their face and the story dies.