Monday, June 22, 2009

Eat Your Car

Not only are the post industrial cities in the US returning whole subdivisions back to "green" space since nobody can afford to own the houses anymore, but latest trick for cash strapped states is to sell the pavement. It is a growing trend that when they tear up asphalt to recycle it, they don’t replace it, just leave it gravel.

They promised us flying cars in the 21st century but it seems that in the New American Century we won’t even have paved roads. What’s next? Only cross the river when the water is low enough to ford across.

The right wing crazies like to call in and ask where in the constitution does it say we are entitled to health care? Iran has constitutionally mandated health care. All other industrialized countries have health care for everybody. Of course when the Republicans are done with us we won’t be an industrialized country. Iran builds a million cars a year, but the Republicans think it is just fine if there are no American made cars. I guess if we can’t maintain the roads, we really don’t need cars. Time to start saving up for a horse, in a pinch you can’t eat your car.