Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Republican fireball

The Social Security Board of Trustees has come out with a report sharply cutting the time until Social Security and Medicare will run out of money. Republicans will be coming out of the woodwork to say "We told you Socialist Security wouldn’t work, you should have put your money into the stock market... well, err, you should have invested in real estate... well, err, you should have gotten rich like we did on ‘no bid’ government contracts."

The truth is that Republicans have so hollowed out the economy that we can’t support everybody anymore. Millions are homeless and millions more will become homeless even will the rosiest outlook for the economy. Many elderly live on 3 weeks food a month including food bank handouts and heat is a luxury in a lifestyle that does not have luxuries. The Republican solution for the Social Security problem is to (wait for it) cut benefits.

Many college graduates are so saddled with debt that even if they find a job in their field they not able to live anything like a middle class lifestyle. This can be even worse for the trade school graduate who may go back to be retrained multiple times as their jobs continue to be out-sourced.

Even airline pilots are not immune from this trap. Once a glamorous and high paying job; we now learn that new pilots who find themselves working for a commuter airline are paid so little and must repay such huge student loans that the result is that they often net as little as 15,000 a year. When you fly, you are often putting your life in the hands of people who make less than an newly hired burger manufacturing technician.

The airlines are no longer attracting the best and the brightest nor are they plowing the payroll savings back into training either. NTSB testimony about the recent commuter plane crash in New York state showed numerous problems. The flight crew did not appear to have any idea how the deicing system worked; turning it on too early and leaving it on continuously; so that it only kept the mechanism itself ice free and allowed ice to buildup on the rest of the wings. They also appeared unaware that with ice on the plane that you should turn off the auto pilot and determine the true handling characteristics of the plane. They were apparently either not properly trained or not adequately drilled on what procedures to follow to avoid a stall or how to get out of one.

The Republican solution to all our problems is to cut taxes that the rich Republicans pay; to zero if necessary; coupled with corporate deregulation. The economic equivalent of retracting the flaps and pulling back on the yoke in a stall; the fireball is not far away.


Get Fit said...

The lesson here is that it's up to you to make enough money to live a comfortable life. You can't rely on government.

The party line is that this is unfair. Blaming only gives power to what/whomever you are blaming.

Every person should be 100% responsible for their finanial future. Open up multiple streams of income. Or be at the mercy of government or whatever entity which you depend on for your financial stability in retirement years.


prairie2 said...

Ryan apparently didn't actually read my post. Even if you are OK with leaving the sick and elderly to starve to death and freeze in the winter; the collapsing economy is coming for you Ryan and you can't hide from it. Maybe Ryan lives in a walled compound like Rush (who he must listen to) and thinks he's safe. The Republicans have put us in a fatal stall and there is no guarentee that Obama can pull us out. prairie2