Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Your favorite steak sauce

Insurance companies are in line today jostling to get bank bailout money from the government. Most insurance companies didn’t own a bank and ran out and bought a small bank or savings & loan in order to qualify. If you can afford to buy a bank out of petty cash, do you really need taxpayer money?

Of course these companies are in real trouble since they are part of the New American Century and don’t do anything but push paper around. In the old days (pre-Ronald Reagan) companies that pushed paper around were a small accessory to the real economy. Then the Republicans and conservative Democrats decided that we didn’t need a real economy but could just push paper around. After all pushing paper around "creates" jobs to replace the ones that have gone to China. Jobs that are now being sent to India and the Philippines just as fast as the Insurance companies can do it. It takes money to establish overseas operations so they need a government bailout to pay for it.

Capitalism has stopped meaning "shared risk to establish a useful business". It is really just a legitimization of Ponzi schemes, predatory lending, government corruption and an assortment of deceptive if not outright strong-arm tactics to extract money from a hapless public. Any "useful business" is prey to be brought down by a "capitalist". The "too big to fail" predators are running out of prey and are turning to the government to keep them in fresh meat but this can’t last. Do you feel like you’re swimming in steak sauce?

PS: Moody’s ratings service has put a sort of down-grade on Municipal Bonds - all of them. Look for that to increase the cost that your local government pays for money. You’ll either pay more taxes or just get used to the pot holes and crumbling schools. The steak sauce looks good, let’s go in for a dip.


Bukko Boomeranger said...

Now instead of an economy based on pushing paper around, America has an economy based on the Fed/Gov making up money out of nothing, and using it to buy real things with! They're not even pretending so hard to be borrowing "our" money back from the Chinese and Saudis and others who have sent America real stuff in exchange for fakedollars.

It's like what would happen if I had a printing press in my garage and was just cranking out sheet after sheet of green pieces of paper, then taking them to the grocery store. Only, I'd get caught and busted. But when you run the game, and control the people who do the busting, who's going to stop you? (You being the .gov, of course.)

I've been wondering for years how long this game could go on. That was part of the reason my wife and I left the U.S. The scam has worked for longer than I thought it could, so there are hidden factors that I have not considered. And it looks like all other major currency systems are similarly puffing up their banknotes. We might get to a point where the very notion of "fiat currency" becomes meaningless. Got gold?

Anonymous said...

I wrote a piece almost 'word for word' per what you wrote about the counterfeiting and 'fiat money' and if I find it in my archive here, I will whip it in here. Exactly on the same wavelength. The U.S. has been electronically and 'printing press' making COUNTERFEIT, BASED ON NOTHING bogus money to buy goods and services with, that it had to pollute the pool to the point where turds on the surface would be hard to avoid upon diving into it.

most americans as you used to be but know are, quite 'ignorant' and have no clue what the fuck 'fiat money' is or for that matter, know what M-3 is on the money charts, but the U.S. quit publishing M-3 some time ago, about the time when the parabolic curve began to really look exactly like the one that happened in 1929. of course, when I started to tell my american 'mates' over here about this stuff, their eyes 'glazeth over' and they dismissed me as being a doomsday foretelling government hater.

we are neither. we both saw this coming. I tried to go to australia but the government in Canberra refused me, saying; "your government says you have EXTREME POLITICAL VIEWS" as this was back in 1993. What this means, is that if our government doesn't like your views, the nations that take this 'funny money' from the U.S. also have an obligation to provide 'you' the naysayer, a 'safe haven' then.

gooday, and 'no' I don't have any gold.

Bukko Boomeranger said...

when I started to tell my american 'mates' over here about this stuff, their eyes 'glazeth over' and they dismissed me as being a doomsday foretelling government hater.

My eyes used to glaze over too in the 80s and 90s when I'd run into someone who was going on about the evils of the Federal Reserve and such. I couldn't disagree with what they said, because I didn't have enough of a knowledge base to understand it. (And I had been a fulltime newspaper reporter, taken economics courses in university, played the stock market and subscribed to The Economist magazine, so I was more clued in than many folks to begin with.) But I'd look at these finance "tragics" (as they call people obsessed with a specific topic like Star Trek down here) as tin-foilers.

Nowdays, I spend as much time reading econoblogs as I do political ones. At work, I often launch into spiels about the world economy. Fellow nurses and my patients like to get me started about politics and money and the environment because I'm known for being outspoken. Plus, they like to hear a Yank dissing the American Empire, because it goes against the chauvanism they usually hear from our people on TV.

The way I keep from coming across as a nutter is to be sardonically humourous, and to keep things simple. People don't mind predictions of doom so much if you make it seem funny. Not "laughing past the graveyard" so much as laughing on the way to it. I reckon that's the way to get some knowledge to people, is make it bittersweet. At least Aussies, for all their faults, are more receptive to information than most Americans.

Anonymous said...

being a prominent person in the 9/11 truth consortium of pilots and engineers who've been immersed in the minutia that did not and still doesn't hold water, that has put me in the percentile bracket of people who are unafraid to speak 'truth to power' and though it may sound a tad bit on the 'quixotic' side of the fence, it has been rewarding. the financial stuff is just the extra trimmings, most of the time when I'm not looking for a new job to replace the one I had lost in January, I'm analyzing all sorts of information that's taken the past 7 years to accumulate, and make pieces of the 9/11 puzzle fall more into place.

so far, things we know for certain are: 1.) it was indeed an 'inside job' with participation of several portions of the defense apparatus and the law enforcement sector involved in the execution and the subsequent 'cover up' of the 'false flag' attacks.

2.) no B-757 struck the pentagon.
3.) nano-thermite was used in the destruction of both towers of the WTC, and bldg 7 of the WTC.
4.) israeli mossad involvement.
5.) airline participation in the cover-up.
6.) no saudi arabian DNA was found, nor body parts identified in any of the locations.
7.) no human remains of any kind existed at the Shanksville, PA., impact site.
9.) deliberate interference by NORAD took place to allow no interceptions to occur.
10.) F.B.I. participated in evidence fabrication and evidence destruction, as did the N.T.S.B.

in any case, that's my 'side job' stuff, with extensive aviation and engineering experience, 30+ years worth, mixed with DoD weapons testing and integration.

have you seen the recent information that has come out of a 'white paper' about the nano-thermite yet? it aired on DANISH television recently, still only internet coverage here in the U.S. so far.