Friday, April 24, 2009

What does Cheney know that has him so worried?

Did the Bush Crime Family consider these torture techniques to be torture? Of course they did; otherwise they wouldn't need the memos to create the fantasy that they weren't torturing. There is a term for staging an event where a prisoner thinks you are going to kill him whether you fire blanks at him or pretend you are killing him by drowning. It's called a "mock execution" and is a crime under international law and considered one of the worst kinds of torture. How you do it doesn’t matter.

The flowery lawyer talk in the memos about limits and controls are absurd on their face. It's like setting standards for the bullet that you use in Russian roulette. It doesn't change the game. The fact that they created these memos is a confession of guilt on the face of it. No need to argue over the details.

It is possible that there is much more evidence to come out. The best indicator that this could be so is how wound up Cheney is over this. He knows that there is more that we haven’t seen. It's not time to give up hope for prosecutions.


David Claiborne said...

It concerns me that the media is even discussing some of these issues... it shows me that the torturers are winning insofar as framing the debate.

When we're talking about whether or not waterboarding is effective, or whether or not it's appropriate under x,y+z conditions, we're missing the basic fact that it's a war crime.

I must admit though, it is entertaining watching Cheney flailing around desperately trying to justify what he did...