Monday, April 6, 2009

Ted Stevens, a glimmer of hope for Justice in America

Disgraced former Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska had his case dismissed with prejudice when the new AG Eric Holter reviewed it and found blatant misconduct by prosecutors. The government lawyers involved could be looking at lengthy prison sentences. Are the rumors true that Stevens was prosecuted because he went off the reservation and the Bush Crime Family wanted to make an example of him? Is there a trail of slime back to Karl Rove and will anybody follow it?

Rove was clearly running the Justice Dept. as his own private fiefdom. High profile cases in Alabama, Mississippi and Wisconsin in which Bush appointed Judges and Rove crony prosecutors railroaded innocent people purely for Rove's political agenda demonstrate that. The fired US attorneys have testified that they were put under pressure to bring similar cases and to keep them from going after corrupt Republicans.

Surely Stevens prosecution required Rove's blessing as it is apparent they didn't have a winnable case to begin with. This looks like it could be a perfect opportunity to put Rove away. The attorneys involved; if not working directly for Rove; doubtless know somebody who does or they wouldn't have their jobs. The question is who are they more afraid of, their new roomy in the Federal lockup or Karl Rove?