Monday, April 6, 2009

If I roll a six, I'm going to attack Kamchatka

The Right Wing talking heads have been going on about how Obama didn’t accomplish anything at the G-20 because he acts like a European and isn’t aggressively promoting US interests. In fact Obama is much more forceful in his language than Bush ever tried to be. The fact that they can understand what he is saying and believe Obama understands what he is saying is more forceful in itself.

The only time Bush was aggressive in Europe was when he got fresh with the German Chancellor. The economic reality is (thanks to the insane trade policies of the Republicans) that what we really have to worry about is the G-2 of the US and China. If China stops making stuff for us for what ever reason we will be dependent on Europe to send us care packages to have any hope of keeping everything here from collapsing.
In a startling admission that the Cold War is actually over, the Pentagon announced a new budget that cuts many absurdly expensive and useless weapons systems. They even want to cut a Carrier Battle Group. That still leaves ten, more than we had when the Russians still had a Navy. They aren’t getting too carried away, we still spend more than Russia, China, our allies and the rest of the world combined.

Remember playing the board game Risk when you were a kid? The latest paranoia from the militaristic Right is that President Obama’s visit to Turkey will bring back the Ottoman Empire. They’ve dug up old articles dated from the end of the Soviet Union and are running them on their "strategic news" web sites as "new". These so called "experts" were sure in the 90’s that with no Soviets to keep them in check that the Turks would sweep across all the Muslim countries controlling everything from the Mediterranean to China. They are sure that Obama is seeking new allies and will now empower Turkey to play out this grand plan for South Asia domination. If I roll a six, I’m going to attack Kamchatka.


Anonymous said...

this is disturbing that a sovereign nation such as Korea, can raise such a ruckus for doing the obviously normal thing such as launch a satelite, and the U.S. gets it's hackles up, and then starts to sabre rattle it's balls off and threaten the world with what would rapidly progress into a THERMONUCLEAR WAR if we just start dropping bombs on North Korea for using their option to access SPACE. it is disturbing that this alleged 'progressive' (which we know he is not) is wanting to start another war, when the entire European Community at the G-20 summit, told him to go 'fuck himself' when he asked for more troops for his Afghanistan pipe dream.

It'd be different if the U.S. had not been the first country to use NUCLEAR WEAPONS on another nation, and second, if the U.S. had a 'lilly white and spotless' record of never having unilaterally and pre-emptively attacked a sovereign nation such as Iraq, for instance, based solely upon trumped up bullshit and lies, but this is not the case, now is it?

a nation of TORTURERS has no right rattling a goddamned sabre at another nation that peacibly launches a satelite into space.