Friday, April 10, 2009

Potatoes for everybody!

The New Jobless Claims Report dipped slightly this week but the total number of people continuing to receive benefits set another new record. This means that the jobs continue to disappear and not just to out-sourcing; imports are down; the economy is just falling in on itself. A European company just canceled an 80 million dollar windmill plant scheduled for construction in the US this year. This adds to a long list of similar cancellations and this should be no surprise, since we have no way to pay them. We, can’t print our own Euros.

We have an economy that is based on giving each other haircuts and minimum wage jobs selling Chinese goods we can’t pay for. The morning infotainment shows are running segments on people digging up their front yards to plant gardens. While this is good thing, it illustrates the "every man for himself" situation we find ourselves in. We were told that if we got rid of the small family farms we could feed the world. Corporate agribusiness is only capable of producing pesticide-laden corn and meat marinated in antibiotics. Increasingly even this comes from China where they can use drugs that are banned here and more and more Americans can’t even afford that.

We are increasingly becoming like the Irish of the 1840’s who had to try to grow food on the little plot around their huts while the powerful few at the top controlled the land and everything else for their own enrichment. We need to emigrate to America for a better life.... Wait, we’ve got a problem.


David Claiborne said...

Hey I like your blog, I keep hearing Mike Malloy reading bits of your posts on my afternoon drive... keep up the great work I'll be checking in frequently...